ALEiens Bulk Buy

If you are interested in participated in the ALEiens Bulk Buy,

please e-mail

You will be e-mailed a link to what is available and the order form.

You must be able to pick up your order from the Langhorne area.

We can only place the order if we have enough to justify a bulk buy.

Below are the steps and dates we are planning for:

  1. Order Placement:      Apr 5 - May 7
       Once you send an e-mail, you will be e-mailed a link to the order form.

  2. Quote for order:        May 8
       An e-mail will be sent out summarizing your cost and if an order will be placed.

  3. Payment:                    May 8 - May 20
        You will need to pay for you order via PayPal to

  4. Pick up available:      May 25 - June 15
    You will need to pickup your order within this time from the Langhorne area.
    You will have to coordinate transfer with an ALEien Officer.