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2022 Big Brew Day Competition

Tom brewed his 2022 Big Brew Day Winning
ALEien Rye-zing

Release date is
Wednesday December 14, 2022
Come heckle Tom Cassidy
Friday November 18, 2022

Tom will be brewing his
Big Brew Day award winning 
ALEien Rye-zing

Check out some GABF Golds and 
ALEiens' Champion beers!
for winning the
ALEiens Big Brewday 2022 Competition!

Tom will brew his beer with Pete Corbett of Iron Hill Brewing at the Newtown facility

Once brewed and conditioned, Tom's beer will be served at Iron Hill Newtown
The ALEiens will announce and host a release party.
Release is targeted for some time in October.
All are welcome to join this ALEiens IRON HILL Sponsored competition.
Winner will have their beer brewed and served at Iron Hill!

VOSS Kveik Yeast from IRON HILL will be supplied at the June 4th 2022 ALEiens Big Brew Day .

Anyone who ferments with the yeast provided can enter into this competition.
You can brew on June 4th at Iron Hill with the club and pitch yeast there, or pickup yeast that day and brew some other time.

This will be an American Homebrewers and Beer Judge Certification Program  Sanctioned event.
Any category from the 2021 BJCP Guidelines can be brewed.
If you do not specify the 2021 BJCP Category,
organizers will do their best to categorize appropriately.

Registration is open now through July 10, 2022.
Those who do not pay may not be judged and will not be considered for placements.

Six 12 oz bottles (or equivalent) will be due by July 10th, 2022.
Entrants must drop off their beer with an ALEien officer.

Judging will take place the following week with the
winner announced at the ALEiens July 26th meeting.

Entries will be blinded and there will be first, second, and third placements.
This competition will be capped at 20 entries.

Key Dates:

July 10 - Collect Entries

July 12 - Entries prepped for judging

July 19 - Judging Complete

July 26 - Announce Winner

A winner from the paying ALEien members entrants only will be selected by
Iron Hill representatives to have their beer brewed and served at Iron Hill Newton.

If you are interested, please sign up using the form below.
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