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Iron Brewer is the in-house ALEiens Members-only competition.

It is based upon brewing within specific guidelines. 

There are 3 rounds of competition over the course of a year.

Round 1: Belgian Brawl | Assignments September 26 | Entries due November 28

Round 2: The Secret Ingredient | Assignments January 30 | Entries due March 26

Round 3: True Iron Brewer | Begins on Big Brew Day May 4 | Entries due July 30


  • Entry fees are $10 per brewer/team, which goes towards prizes and awards.

  • Teams can be comprised of individuals or groups, one member must be a paying ALEien.  

  • Based on the number of entrants, the # of categories and groupings may change.

You can pay your $10 registration fee via PayPal.

For IRON BREWER XV, each round will be open to all brewers. The points and standings will factor into an advantage in each future round.


Brewers receive points for each vote they receive:

3 points for 1st

2 points for 2nd

1 points for 3rd

  • 5 Bonus points will be awarded for winning the flight.


Belgian Brawl

Brew any style Belgian Beer from the following list of Belgian Yeasts.

Flights will be assigned at the September 26, 2023 ALEiens meeting.

Entries are due at the November 28, 2023 ALEiens meeting

Round 1 Assignments 2023.png


The Secret Ingredient

Brew any style of beer. A secret ingredient category will be introduced at the January Meeting. Specific ingredients within the category will be randomized into 2-3 flights depending on the number of participants. The flight winners from Round 1 will choose which ingredient flight they want to participate in. All other participants will be randomized.

Be sure to suggest an ingredient category idea when you sign up for Iron Brewer.


Entries are due at the March 26, 2024 ALEiens Meeting


The True Iron Brewer

Brewers show up on Big Brew Day (May 4, 2024) with their equipment. No recipe, no ingredients.


A ‘pantry’ of ingredients will be available from which to choose and build a recipe. Ingredients will be in pre-weighed amounts so brewers take the whole bag and limits will be announced day-of. Limits are based on 5-gallon batches. The ingredient categories will be Base Malt, Specialty Malt, Hops, and Adjuncts. Yeast options will be provided by Iron Hill Newtown. All ingredient categories must be used in some amount in the recipe.


Each brewer gets 5 minutes in the pantry to grab what they need. Highest point totals from rounds 1 and 2 will choose first. In the event of ties, the order of choosing will be randomized. When an ingredient is gone, it’s gone. If you are unable to choose ingredients or brew on Big Brew Day, you will have the option to choose ingredients at a later date, but you only get to choose from what is left.


9:00am - Arrive and set up equipment, begin heating strike water

9:45am - Pantry opens

10:00am - Recipe creation and brewing begins


Entries are due at the July 30, 2024 ALEiens meeting. 

Please bring 6 unmarked bottles to the meeting or drop off with an officer prior.


Non-Iron Brewer “Big Brew Day” option: Brewers can still participate in Big Brew Day without participating in Iron Brewer. Specifics will be announced closer to May.


ALEiens Iron Brewer.jpeg
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