2021 Big Brew Day Competition

Eivind's beer was selected to be brewed and served at Iron Hill in Newtown.

Brewing is planned for late August.

All are welcome to join this ALEiens IRON HILL Sponsored competition.

Winner will have their beer brewed and served at Iron Hill!

VOSS Kviek Yeast from IRON HILL will be supplied at the May 1st 2021 ALEiens Big Brew Day .

Anyone who ferments with this yeast can enter into this competition.
You can brew pm May 1 at Aristeaus with the club and pitch yeast there or pickup yeast that day and brew some other time.

Any category can be brewed as long as the final SRM < 7.
12 bottles will be due at the ALEeins June 29 meeting for judging.
Entries will be blinded and the winner will be picked by a panel of professional brewers.

If you are interested, please sign up using the form below.