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On May 27, 2008, the last Tuesday of the month, Jeff Louella and Stephen Hawk set out to The Hulmeville Inn to seek others with the same passion and curiosity in homebrewing.

On that eve, over 20 people travelled to taste, discuss, and celebrate all that is beer. 

Since then, the ALEiens meet on the last Tuesday of each month (except holidays) at The Hulmeville Inn.

  We continue to have over 25 paying members and see around 20 members at each meeting;

though our most popular member is Zymie.  


The club was forged in the fire of competition, polished in the Philly Beer Scene,

and grew through the leadership of their officers.


The ALEiens are dedicated to exchanging out-of-this-world home brewing information and techniques.

Not a member?  No problem!  Stop in any meeting, or e-mail

This is the official website of the ALEiens Homebrew Club serving Philadelphia and its suburbs, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Central New Jersey.

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