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In a combined spirit of "Big Brew Day" and "Teach a Friend to Brew" I have invited some friends to my house on Saturday for a full day of home brewing.

In two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, my friends, mostly novices but one brewing veteran from years ago, will endeavor to produce something like 40 gallons of beer!

Morning session:
Eivind & Fraser: Uerig Old Altbier (10 gallon, all-grain)
Jamie & Eric: Octoberfest (10 gallon, extract)

Afternoon session:
Eivind & Bryce: Planet of the IPAs
Matt: Amber Lynn Ale
David: Amber Lynn XXX Ale

It's taken a bit of work to coordinate this, but my thanks goes out to Joe @ Princeton Homebrew who set everyone with the ingredients and equipment we need to pull it off.

Stay tuned for sit-raps and pictures throughout the day. I may even try to set up the "brewcam", just for kicks and giggles. Now, if we could only get the USC-Washington game on my crappy tv in the garage....

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Comment by Eivind Sandstrand on September 19, 2009 at 12:31am
Great, Mike! Keep us posted on how your day goes?

Comment by Eivind Sandstrand on September 19, 2009 at 12:10pm
We're now live:
Comment by Don Gravatt on September 20, 2009 at 1:33pm
How did it go?

Comment by Eivind Sandstrand on September 20, 2009 at 4:36pm
40 gallons brewed

10 gallon all-grain Altbier
10 gallon all-grain IPA
10 gallon extract Octoberfest
2 x 5 gallons Amber Ale

The day started with setup around 8am and the first brew session kicked in around 930-10am. My neighbor from across the street, an experienced homebrewer from some time ago, brought over his keggle and burner, and together with another neighbor they were doing a 10 gallon Octoberfest.

My friend and fellow Aleien, Fraser, joined me for the Altbier.

This was only the second time I brewed with my home made system, so many lessons were learned as we went along:

* Bringing 14 gallons to near boil takes only 30 minutes on full power
* The coolers absorbed over 10 degrees when adding water, heat water to 15F above Beersmith's recommendation
* Leaving the cooler lids open would drop 1 degree every 2-3 minutes or so
* Always heat a lot more sparge water than Beersmith says
* An all-grain session takes around 6 hours, not 4....

The pre-boil gravities were good, but I had hoped for a bit better efficiency (1.056); will do some reading on what I can do to get this better next time

In the afternoon, Bryce and I did the IPA with lots of fun hop additions (60, 45, 30, 15, 14, 13, ...., 2, 1 minutes). The system worked well but again I could have hoped for slightly better gravity than 1.052 which was a bit low for the style. I could have added some extract, but decided against it.

Two other participants had joined for the afternoon session and did slightly different versions of Amber Ale. Thanks to good burners and chillers, their extract sessions were done in a bit over 3 hours.

It was a great day; all in all around 20-25 kids and grown-ups came by to brew, observe, play, and enjoy some good food and good beer.

The brewing ended around 10:30pm when the IPA was pitched and set to rest.

All carboys were bubbling happily this morning!

(For a few pictures, take a look at my album here)


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