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Had the chance to visit a few places in Düsseldorf the other day - travelling with friends from the Braustelle in Cologne and hitting no less than 7 brewereies and/or brewpubs.

A short train ride up, and then we went to work at Alter Bahnhof, or "Gulasch", a recent addition on the other side of hte Rhein:

They started our with a Helles as their "flagship", but then added the Altbier later, and this has now taken over completely.

On we went into the old town center, and entered Im Goldenen Kessel, where they serve the altbier from Schumacher. 

Here, we also instituted the ritual of having to do a toast anytime someone said the word/sound "Nu!", which is my original Norwegian dialect for "Now!"

Yes, we were all jokers...

Next we went on to the Schlüssel.

The toasting was getting intense.  The smiling fellow is Rian Ditmer, a Yankee beer enthusiast currently enjoying life in D-Dorf.

But onward we went to the next place.  Herti, Sebastian, and Roman were in a hurry of sorts...

We were going to the Brauerei Kürzer, another fairly new place which Sebastian and Roman didn't really have high expectations for.  

They serve their beer in short (Kurze) glasses...

A pretty malty Altbier, actually more reminiscent of a Brown Ale.  But they had some very cool equipment around:

That's a filter!

Finishing/holding tanks in the ceiling...

...which lead to a serving tank in the ceiling above the bar...

...which goes to the tap tank on the bar counter..!

All very shiny and modern, and the beer was "ok", but not great.  

Next up, the little Fox, Füchsen, a place for which the expectations were significantly higher.

Even if the weather wasn't great, lots of people outside.  We got ourselves a table - the travelling is crew over to the right.

Inside, it looked awesome, and their Altbier and Weizen were very nice.

In the mens' room you could find this thing.  It's not for washing hands, and it's not a toilet, and it's not a urinal.  It's actually for barfing!  Dunno if there's one in the ladies' room as well,

We had no such needs, so we walked past some canals...

...along the Rhein river...

...past a statue of some important dude (Sebastian and Roman were stressing, so there wasn't time to investigate)...

...and finally arrived at Uerige!

Inside, this is the "table" I sat at almost three years ago...  The American brewer I met then, has since moved on and I hear he's now working on a startup brewery in Bangalore!

Some meaningful artwork...   "It is such a beautiful gallows, that one can very well be hanged upon it"  (or something like that)

Since this is still the group's favorite - by a mile and a half, we took in a little extra culture and then headed out of town by tram and bus to a place we thought would be good...

Herti had left us after Uerige, but we went in for some beer and food

Unfortunately, the beer was disappointing and the food menu was average, the service slow, so we finished up and headed back to our respective towns.

My friend and Braustelle brewer/manager is coming to the US in June/July.  First, he will be attending the Shelton Brothers beer festival, "The Festival", before going to NYC and then in to Bucks County and Phila for a few days.

I've invited Sebastian to come down to the Hulmeville (New Hope and Newtown) for an evening in early July (likely July 3rd), so anyone and all are also welcome to come hang out and talk to a true beer enthusiast - and representative for a beer that is about to hit the US market - Freigeist!  Not all their beers are coming over, but they make great and different stuff!

All for now.  The Euro2012 is in full progress, so I must go watch Spain beat Italy (hopefully)




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