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April 30 2019

Announcements -

  • PA Dutch Brew Festival 9/21/2019
  • Philly Homebrew Cup  Reg: 3/1/19 - 5/3/19  Competition 5/11/19
  • Buzz Off Reg: 5/01/19 - 5/25/2019 Competition 6/7 & 6/8/2019

Agenda -

Iron Brewer

- Chris Speece
- Vinnie Vescio
- Jim Glass

- Ted Moyer / Gene Pryor
- Stephen Brescia / Glenn Locke
- Dave Catapano

- John Yeomans / David Gwyn
- Harry Arnold
- Mike Gilbert

January Meeting 1/31/16

We judged Round 1 of Iron Brewer VII--Belgians.  Congrats to the winners who will now compete in Round 2--Donuts!

Group 1 - Chocolate w/ Glaze

  • Jeff Lewis
  • Jim Glass & Dave Catapano
  • Sean & Steve

Group 2 - Cinnamon Sugar

  • Dave Gwyn
  • Doug & Jason
  • Frank Schlipf

Group 3 - Jelly

  • Michael Grippi
  • Blaise
  • Scott Mangold

We'll judge Round 2 at our April meeting.

December Meeting 12/20/16

Our annual holiday party and beer exchange was a great success with lots of great homebrew and commercial beer changing hands.  We also has some fun entries for our label contest, which even included some topics besides dehumidifier water.

November Meeting 11/29/16

We had another joint meeting with Barley Legal homebrew club at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.  Jeremy led a panel of NCBC brewers to speak about current projects and future plans at NCBC.

October Meeting 10/25/16

Sunny Brae Hop Farms spoke to the group about growing hops in Central PA.  While we didn't have any commercial beers brewed with their hops, the members were able to purchase some Comet and other hops to try in their next homebrew.

We also kicked off Iron Brewer VII, which will feature Belgian-style beers to tie in with our upcoming Monk Melee competition.

September Meeting 9/27/16

Our annual Oktoberfest celebration featured great food thanks to the staff at the Hulmeville as well as a festbier brewed by Mike Grippi.

Tom McLaughlin also spoke to the group about brewing his Big-Brew-Day-winning beer, Palming Arnold, at Broken Goblet.

August Meeting 8/30/16

Joe P from SØLE Artisan Ales was our guest and he spoke about his brewing history including the last year as gypsy brewer and future plans to open a new bottle shop and pub brewery in Easton, PA.  We also got try both some draft and canned SOLE offerings.

We also signed up 6 teams to brew for the ALEiens table at Broken Goblet's Hoppy Halloween festival.

July Meeting 7/26/16

We judged the 3 finalists for Iron Brewer VI.  In a very close vote, Sean Sliwinski and Steve McCollick were crowned champion brewers for their "Hillbilly Bourbon Barrel Porter", a porter conditioned on oak with Maker's Mark and homemade vanilla.  Cheers to the champs and the other worthy finalists.

The folks from Broken Goblet were also on hand to announce the winner of our Big Brew Day contest.  In another close vote, which included a tiebreaker round of judging, they picked the entry from Tom McLaughlin as the winner.  Tom will get to brew his "Palming Arnold", a witbier with black tea and lemon, at Broken Goblet!  Congrats to Tom and cheers to Broken Goblet for sponsoring the contest.

June Meeting 6/28/16

Our first outdoor meeting of the year featured Mark Thomas, Brewmaster from Vault Brewing in Yardley.  Mark spoke about the detail that goes into brewing beers for Vault, including water chemistry, yeast cell counts and the benefits and challenges of exclusively using whole flower hops.  We enjoyed 3 Vault beers on tap for the first time ever at the Hulmeville, but hopefully we'll see more once the new Vault production brewery goes online in the coming months.

We also toasted ALEien Michael Grippi for his gold medal at the 2016 NHC.  His barleywine placed first out of 241 finalists in the Strong Ale category.  Cheers!

May Meeting 5/24/16

We had a great turnout for a special joint meeting with Barley Legal held at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.  Our featured speaker was Dr. Matthew Farber, Director of the Brewing Science program at USciences in Philly.  He spoke about yeast health, pitching rates and the benefits of making a starter for your brews.

April Meeting 4/26/16

We judged the Iron Brewer Round 2 entries featuring flowers--hibiscus, lavender and jasmine.  We had a really strong showing and congrats to the winners:

  • Blaise Fougere (Hibiscus)
  • Sean Sliwinski & Steven McCollick (Jasmine)
  • John Yeomans & David Gywn (Lavender)

For the Round 3 championship, the finalists may brew any style, but the beer must be aged on wood and liquor.  We'll judge and crown this years winner at the July meeting.

We also sampled the Team ALEiens entry from the recent Club Barrel Brew Championship. Their beer--an oude bruin base, conditioned on tart cherries in a red wine barrel--was great. The brew day for next year's competition will be in July so save the date if you want to be part of the team.

March Meeting 3/29/16

A new club year begins.  Congrats to the following individuals who were elected club officers for the upcoming year:

  • President – Natalie DeChico

  • VP Education – Jessica Streeter

  • VP Events – Matt Solin

  • Treasurer – Sean Sliwinski

  • Secretary – Doug Klumpp

Club member extraordinaire and spreadsheet enthusiast John Yeomans spoke to the group about entering homebrew competitions.  Having your beers win and place in these competitions is often a numbers game.  The more you enter, the better chance you have, especially if you enter some of the less trafficked categories.  (Your pilsner has a better chance than your IPA.)  Win or not, homebrew competitions are also a great way to get unbiased feedback on your beers.  In summary , enter more competitions to bring honor and glory upon the ALEiens!

February Meeting 2/23/16


Mssr. Yeomans was slated to speak for us about entering beers into competitions, the BJCP at large, becoming a judge, etc etc, but was unable to make it. Furthermore, nobody had any information they would've liked to share with the group about homebrewing or to help one another become a better homebrewer (perhaps it was too last minute).

So instead of talking about or even drinking homebrew, we drank waelz.

Herr Yeomans will now speak in March about these topics, and this club may once again be a homebrew club (maybe).

JANUARY MEETING 1/26/16 at 7:30pm


Please bring in a chilled 6 pack of your beer.  Please rubber band a piece of paper to each bottle that states your Name and Beer Style.  Check it in with Sean or Cory who will be running the judging this meeting.  There will be four large tables, each one will be judging all the beers in one of the four styles.  The scoring is simple, circle the rank that you give each beer in that category.  5 beers, means 5 places, assign one rank to each beer: 1st, 2nd... etc.  The top two beers from each group will move onto Round 2 along with one wild card beer from the entire group (or if there is a tie).  The nine people moving onto Round 2 will draw the next theme before leaving. 

Good luck!

Advancing to 2nd Round:

Jason Palsgrove and Doug Klumpp


Jeff Lewis

Sean Siliwinski and Steve McCollick

Tim Roche and Eric Landolfi

Chris Speece

Team T-Rex arms

Andrew and Aaron Muckin

John Yeomand and David Gwyn

December Meeting 12/29/15


It’s the time of year where we all come together and celebrate the holidays, friendship, and of course home brewed beer. Yum!


The party will be featuring our Holiday Beer Exchange. Last year we had an awesome turnout for this, again!  For all of you first timers, this is how it goes down:

  • If you want to participate, bring in a 6 pack of your best home brew. 12oz and 16oz bottles count as 1, 22oz and 750ml count as 2. If you do not have any home brew ready for this, you can bring in a commercial craft beer.
  • We will have a designated table to drop the beer off when you come upstairs. When you drop your beer off, you will receive a random number that you pick out of a hat.
  • Once we are organized and all beer has been added to the table, we will begin calling numbers. When your number is called, come up to the table and pick up 2 beers (1 if it is a big bottle). We will have 3 rounds total and the goal is to come home with a 6 pack of different beers. Keep your 6 pack holders so you have something to carry the beer home in.
  • Please try and arrive early to this meeting as we plan on starting the meeting at 7:30 promptly.  There will be event announcements like always, then we will start calling numbers!


NEW TO 2015's HOLIDAY PARTY!  Bring your favorite homebrew label to our holiday meeting and as a club we'll pick a couple of favorites.  Please either stick it onto an empty (or full) bottle or it cut out so we can display them nicely on the fireplace mantle.  Everyone will get to vote once in each category.  We look forward to seeing your favorite labels that you've created!  (THANKS TO Steve Mc for this idea)

WINNERS: Best- Blaise, Funniest-Kurt


Manatawny Still Works was developed to produce world class spirits with character in small batches. Our distillery is modern, but our practices are based on old world production with a reverent nod to the history of the region. From the Lenape Indians, whose name for the nearby creek we borrowed for our distillery to historical figures of importance, for whom we named some of our very first spirits. The spirit of Manatawny is focused on quality, but rooted in the past. Max, their head distiller, spoke to the club.

Justin Dyjak "Review The Brew" with his 3.5% Southern Brown Ale.

October Meeting 10/27/15

Doug Marchakitus, the head brewer at Iron Hill North Wales, will be speaking to the club this month! 

Head Brewer: Doug Marchakitus
Assistant Brewer: Pete Corbett (ALEiens member!!)
 Doug was a homebrewer and server when he started at Iron Hill, but his passion quickly lead him into the brewery. Doug began as an Assistant Brewer at Iron Hill, and then took a Head Brewer role at Manayunk Brewing Company. Today Doug is back in the Brewery at Iron Hill. Doug's favorite beer styles include Belgians and wild, barrel-aged beers. Doug will be bringing Kilohop, their Double IPA that was brewed to celebrate their 1000th batch!  WE ARE ALSO PICKING IRON BREWER ROUND 1 INGREDIENTS TONIGHT. Bring your $10 entry fee, please!

Jim Coates "Review The Brew" with his W00T Stout clone.

September Meeting 9/29/15

Join us for our first ever ALEIENS OKTOBERFEST! Not only did Mike and John brew two fantastic beers for the event, but Jeff also has a sweet taplist and 1/5 liter beer steins for all who attend! Plus, spatzel, schnitzel, red cabbage, german potato salad, and pretzels (not to mention oompa music) for ALL!!  Join us for what may be our last patio meeting for the year.  And all of this is free to all members, courtesy of our fantastic membership dues.  We'll also have the new work shirts in, so wear that or your old shirt for our big club photo.

Tap list inside: Paulaner Weisen (a very limited beer that Paulaner is featering in their official Oktoberfest Tent), Great Lakes Oktoberfest, & Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest.

August Meeting 8/25/15Jeff Lewis presented three beers that were split into 3 batches and fermented with different yeast strains.

July Meeting 7/28/2015

Deer Creek Malting

Deer Creek malting stopped by to talk about what it is like to open up the first Pennsylvania malthouse since prohibition, as well talking about grains in general and the malting process, how they operate, etc.  Aleien Avery, who works at Tired Hands' new fermentaria jawn brought "Tuff Leather", a 1.5% saison created using all Deer Creek malts.

June Meeting 6/30/2015

How to: tap handles

Sean Siliwinski walks us through the process of how he converted old Weyerbacher tap handles into the Zymie featuring tap handles we used for NHC 2013.  This process could easily be applied to creating a tap handle of your own from scratch or to messing around one of the old Weyerbacher tap handles laying around the Hulmeville.

We also tasted the Keystone Barrel championship winner (Congrats Barrel brewers).  It was designed as an oude bruine with plums.

May Meeting 5/25/2015

Not Micromatic

"Hey Everyone!

Unfortunately MicroMatic had to cancel as our guest speaker for this month's meeting.  Our meeting is still being held tonight, though we won't have a speaker.  Too last minute to book someone else, sorry.  Also, a car ran into The Hulmeville's back deck & gate so we can't even hang outside in this beautiful weather.  We'll still have the upstairs open, we'll make some announcements (see below), play some trivia for prizes, and drink.  That's it.  Philly Beer Week starts this Friday, 5/29, so make sure to hit up some of the 1000+ events all over the Philly, Burbs, and NJ area.  If we don't see you this May meeting, we'll see you in June for the tasting of the Sour Barrel Brew from the Keystone Club Barrel Brew, learn how they brewed & soured it, and learn how to make some sweet tap handles.  Thanks and Happy Beer Week!!"

April Meeting 4/28/2015

The Iron Brewer Finals

Our final three contestants (Eivind Sandstrom, Mike Grippi, Scott Mangold) were charged with the task of making a beer to pair with a Dibruno's s'mores bite (which was not a s'more at all but rather a combination of cheese, chocolate, and other things made in the appearance of a s'more).

There were 4 guest judges -- 2 from Dibruno's, 2 from NCBC -- and the Aleiens collectively counted as one vote.

Scott Mangold made a quad, but it was young and undercarbed still, and received no votes.

Eivind Sandstrom made a stout with herbs and coffee (sensing a quad couldn't be done in time) and received 2 votes, coming in second place.

Reigning champ Mike Grippi made an English Mild and received 3 votes, successfully defending his title.

March Meeting 3/31/2015

The Wooder Meeting

First things first:

Elections were held as to who would be an ALEiens officer for the next year -- and nobody decided to run against anyone currently on.  Come on guys, this isn't how democracy works.

After Democracy failed (again) Mike Grippi gave to us a nice talk about water chemistry, how it pertains to brewing, and how only jagaloons use 5.2.  The crazy informative powerpoint should be posted soon.

February Meeting 2/24/2015

Yarr, they be Heavy Seas (brewing company)

We had the fortune of hosting Heavy Seas Brewing company -- Hugh Sisson (owner Heavy Seas, former owner stunning locks), Chris Leonard (brewmaster), Mike Beamer (sales manager).

Histories were discussed -- Sisson formerly the manager/brewer at Sisson's, the first brewpub in Baltimore, and a craft beer jawn before that, started Clipper City 20 years ago which evolved into Heavy Seas, survived the 90s industry bubble burst by contracting other brewery's beers and now produces 50k bbls a year. Leonard formerly the longtime head brewer of the old General Lafayette Inn (the General Lafayette Inn is no more, but its building is the current site of the new Barren Hill brewpub (digression)), did a few jobs elsewhere then started at Heavy Seas in 2013.

Firkins were a topic of discussion as well -- and fitting as we procured some custom firkins which both tasted mad-baller.

Next month we will hold ALEiens officers elections -- run if you are bold enough, if you can withstand the mudslinging such democracy creates.  If you survive the furnace, then you shall bear the highest of honors.

We will also be collecting members dues.

January Meeting 2/3/2015

Note: the meeting was held the first week of February due to planned (but not arrived) inclement weather.

The January meeting showcased the second round (and semi-finals) of our intra-club Iron Brewer competition.  Each group was forced to create a SMaSH beer, that is a beer using only one predetermined hop and one predetermined malt.  The winners were as follows

Munich/Moteuka: Eivind Sandstrand

Maris Otter/Nelson Sauvin: Mike Grippi

Rye/Topaz: Scott Mangold

The winners will have to create a beer that pairs with a DiBruno's S'more bite, which apparently is made edible by getting rid of all of the weak components of S'mores, and only keeping the strong.  The "S'more" is made of dark chocolate and soft almond torre (instead of marshmallow) on a slab of Scharfe Maxx cheese (instead of graham cracker).  More details on the competition page.

December Meeting 12/16/2014

Holiday party beer exchange! Super fun time!

November Meeting 11/18/2014

Conshohocken Brewing

October Meeting 10/28/14

Iron Brewer Round 1 Judging!

Winners:SE Asia

1st) Denise and Kurt Schiller

2nd) Scott Mangold


1st) Eivind Sandstrand

2nd) Jeff Lewis


1st) Mike Grippi

2nd) Lothar

Latin America

1st) Blaise Fougere

2nd) Tim Roche and Eric Landolfi

Wild Card) Dave Drass

The next round will be as follows

Smash Beers (Let's get SMaSHed)

Maris Otter and Nelson Sauvin

Mike Grippi

Time Roche and Eric Landolfi

Jeff Lewis

Munich Malt and Moteuka


Eivind Sandstrand

Dave Drass

Rye and Topaz (must be either all rye extract or >40% Rye grain bill)

Kurt and Denise Schiller

Scott Mangold

Blaise Fougere

As these are smash beers, you must use a malt bill consisting of just the category (rye exception noted), all of these malts are available as extracts for those who do not all grain; the hop profile also must be made entirely of the selected hop.  Everything else (yeast, boil time, mash temperature, how the hops themselves are used, water profile, OG/SG/ABV, IBU, etc) is up to the brewer themselves.  One brewer from each group will advance to the final round, which will be the first year we are trying a 1st 2nd 3rd system instead of a head to head like in years past.

September Meeting 9/30/14

Corey Reid, Beer-Ambassador of Sly Fox Brewing Company, came by and talked about various things about the brewery itself, the importance of canning, his experience with Sly Fox (which almost spans 20 years), and the brand spanking new 360 can lid that everybody is talking about.  Yes, it is illegal in most states, Yes, it is legal in Pennsylvania -- because it is not a beer law, therefore it is not as archaic.

Reminder that all Iron Brewer entries are due by next meeting with a description emailed/sent to any of the officers (Natalie, Jess, Lothar, Ed, and now Jake).  Since this round is fairly open ended, we need to see what you were attempting to do to make a beer that fits a certain regional flavor profile -- Central America is practically its own continent, the Mediteranean is the second largest sea in the world, India is its own subcontintent, you get the idea.

As aforementioned in the previous paragraph -- Jake Gardener is going to be our interim Vice-President (events) as Dave Drass has had to step down.

August Meeting 8/26/14


Jess Streeter (Reigning Philly Beer Geek, may her reign be fair) and Chris Speece gave a talk about using Lactobacillus in beer and other things (because they were supposed to give a talk on berlinner-weisses, and didnt make any, meh, close enough).

Jess began by describing her sour mash method for berlinner-weisses, which she usually does in smaller batches because it makes it easier to temperature control them (heat stops butyric acid from forming, and beer that tastes like rancid cheese or vomit).  She then went over how to make more yogurt from old yogurt, how to make sauerkraut, and how to make pickles.

Chris went more into detail specifically regarding lactobacillus itself, how homebrewers (such as himself) use it, and how certain breweries do their sour beers.  There are two basic strains of lactobacillus (debruckii and brevis), and most sour beers use some variant of one of the two -- brevis is gaining popularity due to its resistance to hops.  He advocates the sour wort method of souring, which is similar to sour mash, except it is run off.  On his set-up it is easier to control the temperature that way.  The sour wort method can also be used to create sour hoppy beers, as the sourness can form, and then the wort can be processed like any other beer.  There is also the sour mashing Jess described, barrel souring, and the direct pitching of bugs.

There were two review the brews -- Tim and Eric had some bieres blanche with which they used different spice and fruit combinations.  Jim Coates had a take on Founders Centennial IPA that he called "3 Cent IPA" because it used 3 ounces of hops in a 2.5 gallon batch.

JULY MEETING  7/29/14:

BESPOKE BACON! Bespoke Bacon, from Lansdale, PA, spoke to the club and provided us with tasty samples of their bacon to try!  Bespoke Bacon has involved themselves in the beer community (and for some reason also with prism brewing) for quite some time now and the owners are home brewers themselves.  They brought 3 styles for us to try, "Classic," "Bloody Mary," and "Big Pepper." This is bacon as it should be in its purest form; fresh organic herbs and house-ground spices in the cure, perfect hickory smoke, deep mahogany color in the finished product. It will instantly improve any dish, and it will make bacon and eggs worth getting up for again. 

Jeremy Myers from Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company also came by to announce the winners of our Big Brew Day competition with them.

1)Dave Drass with a Black IPA

2)Natalie and Joe DeChico with a "hoppy english beer" sometimes otherwise known as an ESB

3)Eivind Sandstrand with a Pale Ale

Winners received rare and limited run beers from NCBC 

**We are now taking pre-orders for our ALEiens WORK SHIRTS!! 

-REVIEW THE BREW:  Matt & Avery and Justin & Amber

June 24, 2014

Finally, the favorable weather quickens.  This meeting was held outside.  The fellas from Broken Goblet came to us and regaled us with a tale of woe that has finally turned to triumph as they open their doors on July 12 (you better have been there).  They told their story, told about the business, and took questions about the daemons lurking litigatiously on the North Pacific coast of our country, where they see themselves in five years etc. (you know, typical questions).  They brought with them Bubba's teabag and their oatmeal stout.

May 27, 2014

The may meeting was intended to be held outside due to the return of fairer weather, however a sharknado lurched forth, bringing rain and forcing us inside.  We watched ALEiens member and reigning Philly Beer Geek Mike Lawrence's introduction video from the Philly Beer Scene awards which he hosted this year, but didn't play to completion at said awards due to technical difficulties (we saw it all, lucky us).  Afterwards we watched "Suds County", San Diego (county)'s attempted response to Mike Lawrence's own "Beeradelphia".  "Suds County" encapsulated the rise of the brewing industry in San Diego county by stating that its brewpubs were popular in San Diego county from the start, and they could finally start selling in San Diego county in the late 90s-early 00s once their beers had become liked in places that weren't Southern California.  It used examples such as Blind Pig Brewing Company in Riverside County and stated the importance of Sierra Nevada, which is several hundred miles away in Chico, Northern California. 

Afterwards the newly created Iron Brewer trophy was passed out to Mike Grippi, commemorative mugs for past winners were passed out to past winners (who previously had no sort of trophy and had to rely on bragging rights), and a second place trophy was created for Jeff Louella.

APRIL 29, 2014

Club member Garrett Williams, from Pour Richard's Coffee, will be talking about all things coffee!  In his talk, he will discuss coffee origins and terroir, coffee roasting, and finally, preparation techniques and how they will affect a brew (beer). Drawing correlations between artisanal coffee and home brewing, he hopes to bring your next coffee beer to the next level!  There will be coffee samples and we'll be infusing some brews with coffee using the DFH Randall Jrs.  Garrett has been in the specialty coffee industry for over ten years.  Currently, he is working as the director of Education and Events at Pour Richards Co. in Devon, PA.

Judged the two final brews of our in-house competition, IRON BREWER!  This will come down to a best-of-brew between the two finalists Mike Grippi & Jeff Louella.  Mike Grippi won

March 25, 2014

Whitney from Cargill malts came in  to speak about different malts and the malting process.

February 25, 2014

Matt Knuttel (Naked Brewing) spoke about Alts

John Stemler (Free Will Brewing) spoke about kolsch & the beer industry.

January 28, 2014

Iron Brewer Round 2 Judging

December 17, 2013

Holiday Meeting, Fast Rack Challenge, Bottle Share

Thanks to the members efforts at the Holiday 2014 meeting, the club donated $202.00 and 4 boxes of food to the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission!  Thank you to all who donated!

November 19, 2013

Cleaning and Sanitation with Scott Bicksler from Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

October 29, 2013

Iron Brewer Round 1 Judging.


Mike Grippi
Jeff Lewis
John Yeomans
Matt Knuttel
Chris Speece
Natalie DeChico


Johnny B
Jeff Louella
Bill S/Scott M
Justin/Glenn L
Blaise/Tom C

Belgian Blonde:

Steve/Keith L
Dave D/John

Underlined denotes Advancement.  The next round will be coffee beers that are not stouts or porters and tea beers that need to include black/green/oolong/etc teas, not herbal/fruit teas.

September 24, 2013


August 27, 2013

Joe Moran and Matt Kennedy spoke to the club about brewing Belgian style beers, their system, and gave us some samples (and their recipes)!  We picked styles for Iron Brewer IV.  Info and recipes from Outta Hand Brews is in the forum.  *Outside Meeting*

July 30, 2013

Mead Meading!  Sheree from Stonekeep Meadery in Boyertown, PA spoke to the club about making mead.  She brought delicious samples of their mead to share with the club.  We collected entries for Malt Madness.   *Outside Meeting*

June 25, 2013 Minutes


We watched Beeradelphia, made by our own Mike Lawrence, and did little else because NHC was only a few days away.  *Outside Meeting*

April 30, 2013 Minutes


Joe Bair of Princeton Homebrew came to talk about hops and their essential oils, which contribute flavor and aroma to beer.  He focused on Humulene (Hallertau), Carophyllene (Kent Goldings), and Myrcene (Amarillo).  To better demonstrate the characteristics of these oils we paired each of the hops with a beer that highlights the hops and that oil, and combined them in a mini-randall.  Hallertau was paired with Samuel Adams Boston Lager.  Kent Goldings was paired with Yards ESA.  Amarillo was paired with Smuttynose Finestkind IPA.

When that was finished, we explored the tastes of some new hops and lesser known hops we might not have had using the Miller Lite test – putting a few pellets in a bottle of a bland/inoffensive/flavorless beer, and letting it sit for a week.  We tested German Herkules, German Smaragd, New Zealand Nelson Sauvin, New Zealand Motueka, and French Strisselspalt.

Review the brew of Mike Sodano and Matt Knuttel’s beers was skipped because of how long the meeting had run at that point, and how many extremely hoppy beers we had ingested by that point.

Meeting Documents:

Humulene – Noble Hops – Hallertauer Mittlefruh

Humulene is responsible for the “noble hop” taste and is found in high amounts in the 4 noble hops – hallertauer mittlefruh, tettnanger, saaz, and spalter.  It can contribute a spicy/herby flavor.

Sam Adams Boston Lager – 30 IBUs

Samuel Adams Boston Lager helped lead the American beer revolution, reviving a passion for full-bodied brews that are robust and rich with character.  Since 1984, Samuel Adams Boston Lager has used only the finest hand-selected ingredients to create this perfectly balanced, complex and full-bodied original brew.

Carophyllene – English Hops – Kent Goldings

Carophyllene is found in high amounts in English hop varieties, like kent goldings and fuggles.  It contributes a woody, earthy, peppery taste and aroma to beers. 

Yards ESA – 44 IBUs

Crafted from the finest ingredients and originally intended for the cask-ale connoisseur, Extra Special Ale is a traditional English-style ale with notes of chocolate and hop spiciness throughout.  We consider this our flagship beer, appreciated by Yards aficionados for more than 15 years.

Myrcene – American Hops – Amarillo

Myrcene is found in high amounts in many American hop varieties (cascade, amarillo, simcoe, nugget, centennial) and was not a desired oil in brewing until relatively recently.  It contributes strong grapefruit and pine flavors.

Smuttynose IPA – 75 IBUs

You could say, then, that Smuttynose IPA is a physical salute to the glory of the American hop grower. The citrusy hop flavor coming from a mixture of Simcoe and Santiams is pleasantly balanced by a smooth bitterness from the Amarillo hops. The beer itself is light bodied and crisp with a golden color that will throw a slight haze, as we bottle it unfiltered. At 75 IBU's, this is definitely not a training-wheels IPA, but is meant for hop lovers looking to satisfy their craving in a way that's not easy to find. We think they’ll be quite pleased.



Dues are now ... due -- $25 for the year.  Please see Ed Welsh in regards to payment.

Please sign up on the website for which beers you plan to make for the NHC.  6 taps will be Past/Present/Future for the following IPA's and Saisons (10 gallons will eventually be required of each, though one brewer need not account for all of that), and the other 6 will be wild card -- anything goes.

Big Brew Day is May 4th this year, and we will be getting yeast from Mckenzie Brewhouse -- their Belgian strain (Chouffe) and their Saison strain (White Labs Saison II, though by now it's proprietary).

Mckenzie Brewhouse will judge entries for us.  Collection for this will be at the June meeting and winners will be announced in July.

We are taking part in the Session Beer Challenge during Philly Beer Week, and we need people to volunteer for this.  5 gallons is required of each brewer.

Iron Brewer will start after all of this madness, and the first round will likely be Belgian themed -- due to the McKenzie Brewhouse strains and to drive entries for Monk Melee. Speaking of which...

Monk Melee will almost assuredly be in December again.


Jeff Louella's talk on Kombucha --

Jeff Lewis brought his Robust Porter in to be reviewed, considering to bring it to the NHC.

Steve Wieland brought his Imperial Spiced Stout to be reviewed.


Regular minutes:
ALEiens Officer elections
Running -- President: Natalie; Vice-President: Jess, Dave, Jeff; Treasurer: Ed; Secretary: Matt
Won -- President:Natalie; Vice-President: Jess, Dave; Treasurer: Ed; Secretary: Matt

Review the Beer
Tom Cassidy -- Belgian Dark Strong
issues/concerns: fermentation time/temperature, carbonation levels, lagering time, yeast esters
Chris Speece -- Saison 
issues/concerns: herb/spice mixture, overall impression of flavor combinations

Who's going? Who's brewing?  More openings for club night?
Themes (space, alien), set-up (how many taps, pins), brew themes (past, present, future -- style specific, which styles; wild card?). No electricity. ALEien costume?

Fancy minutes:
Aye, the eve began with a crisis of leadership, wherein our goode ALEiens needed to select their new officers, for which to formalize power.  Alas, 'twas not much of a struggle at all, as Natalie ran unopposed for President, Ed ran unopposed for Treasurer, and Matt ran unopposed for Secretary.  That left the remaining battle to be fought twain Jess, Dave, and Jeff for the two Vice-President seats.  It was a mighty war, though Jess and Dave wound up the victors.

We then proceeded to review bieres as a group of our fellow membres Tom Cassidy and Chris Speece, who were finding faults with their bieres, seeking advice, or simply looking for an appraisal, an impression, of what the biere had become.  Tom went first with his Belgian Dark Strong Ale, citing possible issues with his biere's fermentation and it's age.  Chris went second, inquireing inquisitively about the blend of herbs and spices he added to his latest Saison.

Lastly it was discussed what shall we do with the impending National Homebrewer's Conference.  We attempted to esablishe which membres will be in attendence, and which membres will be brewing bieres for the conference.  We discussed the possible manner of appearance of our boothe, deciding largely to make play on words of our organisation's title.  We discussed the possible kinds of biere we shall present to fellow attendees, thinking it may be wise to present a past/present/future interpretation of a few styles, mayhaps a few bieres outside of that realm as well.  The matter was brought up of who should dress as our mascot, the aleien? Sadly he will be unable to agiley dispense our wares, untethered by the boothe.


Steering Meeting 1.22.13 Minutes



-can’t be charged with a host liability law

-we are a non-incorporated association

            no liability

            no taxes

            not recognized as federal or state entity

-stay unincorporated

(non profit does not deal w/ inc.)

-if we pour at beerfests, covered

social host, no license, do not need anything

-will buy insurance for the club anyways- for officers

-need someone to research insurance for the club (once we get total paid members)

-facebook/twitter- matt betz?



-Form of organization

            why we collect dues



            not just to brew, broad, to make sure we are properly spending

-dues DO NOT pay for homebrew

-put on website, not just required though; can hand out to memebers

-broad, educational purposes

-do not raise more than $5,000/year

            does not mean $5g including what carries over year to year




-members- no last names, first initial

-mark members as paid, but website open to all, all to learn

-AHA registered group?





            Run, organize, set up meetings

            Set up meeting events: speakers, how I brew, review the brew

            Communicate with Hulmeville about upcoming events/beer on tap

            Meetings start/end on time, run smoothly

            Run officers meeting monthly

            Post all related material online

-Vice President-Events

            (outside club) homebrew competitions, keep up to date, post on site

            in-house homebrew competitions & events (big brew day, iron brewer)

            plan/set up future events- trips, etc

            local event updates

            post all related material online

-Vice President-Education

            help plan/set up events- meetings, homebrew comps, etc.

            classrooms/learning opportunities for the club

            plan/set up future events- trips, etc.

            local event updates

            inform others about the aleiens

            cross promo/work with other clubs

            come up with new ideas for club meetings, event, move club forward

            post all related material online



            dues/who pays

            bank account

            file as non-inc association or partnership

                    (Ed Welsh checking on this & EIN#)

            3 people as authorized signers/internet availability

            announce upcoming dues

            treasurers report

            post all related material online


            take minutes of meeting (brief)

            post minutes on website

            member log in/guest book

            post all related material online

            have member forms available

-For the elected positions, we will purchase liability insurance

*Webmaster/Members at large committee/NHC lead/PR person-fb, twitter



-$25 a year (about $2/meeting)

-March meeting is when dues are DUE

-start collecting at feb/march meeting

            -sign up after august meeting $15 (half year); instead of pro-rate

            -March-August & September-Feb are where year splits

-Guests of members

            listed as guest, not coming to just drink beer

            no guest fee?

-“Open” meetings for anyone? Once a year?

            Guest with sign in and who they came with

-Sign in book for members & guests (trial 1-2x a year)

-write into bylaws ways to ‘remove’ members/offenses

+will contribute to insurance for officers, website ($315/year), NHC, in house competitions, future events, food at big brew day, etc.




     Minutes from last meeting

     Guest book review?


      Amount in bank, what we’ve bought/paid

      Members that need to pay


            Alert for upcoming events, homebrew comps

            Gather volunteers for events


            Upcoming meeting events, speakers

            Sign ups for “How I Brew” speakers, meeting host


            Introduce speaker


            If homebrewer, plan for Q&A, share/response of their brews

            If guest speaker, plan for scheduled Q&A time for brew sharers that meeting

Wrap up

            Next meeting, last minute questions

            Open share time

            CLEAN UP WHEN DONE



1/29             announce we will start dues

            positions we have open for office           

            dues due at March 3/26 meeting

            NHC tickets on sale 2/5

            -have to buy to attend club night; will determine #of brews & our presence

2/26            positions voted on & filled

            can start paying dues (cash for now)/sign in

            sign up for “How I Brew” or “Review the Brew”

            NHC main discussion meeting

            -who’s brewing, building, setting up, who purchased tickets

            -drop off kegs/carbonating at NCBC

            -NHC beers will be tasted for off-flavor, quality to proceed to NHC

            -raffle off the chance to fill/pour your brew from a pin (cask)

            “How I Brew” discussion/review the brew?

3/19            First officers meeting (& members at large?)

            solidify roles/duties

            draw up bylaws

3/26    Paying dues/sign in

            NHC discussion

            Jeff Louella Kombucha talk/review the…ferment?


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