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*Drop off kegs at:

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company starting on 6/10-6/17

909 Ray Ave, Croydon, PA.  Someone should be there M-F brewing, call to check 215-458-7081 & they are open for tasting hours: Wed-Thurs 4-7pm; Fri-Sat 12-7pm; Sun 12-5pm

Naked Brewing Company- starting on 5/28-6/16, EVENINGS ONLY & feel free to call & bug Brian: 267-575-0166

51 Buck Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA (between Street Rd & County Line Rd)

*The beers will be sampled on 6/18, mainly looking for any infection issues.


AHA Beer Services Labels:

Club Night & Liberty Well Social Club:

  • Please download thefollowing excel or zip file for labeling your beers for club night and the social club.
  • To generate your label, choose your club name from the drop down list and whether the beer is for club night or the social club.
  • Print the generated label and tape to each keg or case. PRINT LANDSCAPE format on your printer!

-Download the Excel file HERE
-Download the Zip file HERE


Beer Labeling Instructions:

1. Each beer (KEG AND CASE) must have it’s own label. SEE IMAGE BELOW

2. Select the proper label file above based on where you are serving your beer.

3. Choose your club or seminar at the top-most drop-down.
Clubs are listed in alpha-order. Seminars are listed in alpha-order by speaker last name.

4. Choose where you will serve this beer. ALEIENS ARE CLUB NIGHT ONLY
This only applies to Club Night & Liberty Well Social Club labels.

  • If your beer is only goi
    ng to Club Night, use the Club Night drop-down. ALEIENS ARE CLUB NIGHT ONLY
  • If a beer is only going to Liberty Well Social Club, use the Liberty Well Social Club drop-down.
  • If a beer is going to Club Night & Liberty Well Social Club, use the Club Night &  Liberty Well Social Club drop-down. Beer Services will deliver it to both events.

3. Type in your name, mobile phone and beer info.

4. Print your label. Print LANDSCAPE FORMAT on your printer.

5. Cut your label down as much as possible. Then, sandwich it between clear packing tape and attach it to the keg handle or case box.
See the photo on this page.

6. When applying the label, place it facing out, hanging off the keg with the text facing up. If using cases attach the label to the long side of the box.

7. Repeat as needed. Each beer must have it’s own label. SEE IMAGE BELOW.


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Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on December 9, 2012 at 8:10pm

Hello Everyone,


Beers for the NHC: How are we going to choose whose brew is good enough?  Who will be organizing whose brew is good enough to represent our club?  Which members want to brew a keg or kegs for the conference?  I know I would like to brew at least one keg I believe is good enough to showcase and maybe two more depending upon how the recipes pan out.  Furthermore, I have two to four extra cornelius kegs for the club to use for those members who do not have kegs.


Theme ideas for club night:  Two ideas: the name of our club is ALEiens with a little green Martian as a mascot and we are based OUTSIDE Philadelphia.  This has nothing to do with colonial brewing(this comes from a person who loves history (I have a bachelors degree in history)).  A space theme is much more appropriate.


Just some thoughts.


PS  If I seem pushy, please excuse me, I just think this could be fun and satisfying for anyone contributing to the NHC.

Comment by Natalie DeChico on December 8, 2012 at 2:48pm
That would be fun. I didn't know they published al the recipes, pretty cool. I know we were thinking of having a brew day at (inside) Neshaminy Creek during the winter. Styles were not discussed, but the day would be to gain as much interest and brewers to come and brew a TON of beer.

Comment by Glenn Locke on December 8, 2012 at 2:42pm

I know it's more of a West Coast thing, but how about doing a big brew day where we brew the beers in Stone's vertical epic series?  They publish all of the recipes.  I think it could be fun if there is enough interest.

Comment by Natalie DeChico on December 7, 2012 at 9:52am
Some ideas for beer to pour. The more kegs we have the better. This competition would provide us with a lot of different rye styles. Yum.





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