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Booth Set Up

ALEiens Club Night Booth Decor


Plan your booth set up so that you’ll be able to finish within this timeframe and remember to give yourself time to grab some dinner. We suggest you “stage” your booth supplies outside the Grand Ballroom so that you can run in and start setting up as soon as possible. 

Club night ends at 11:30 PM on Friday. We know there will be a desire to run and drink beer in the hospitality suite, but PLEASE stay to clean up, take down and move out your entire booth when Club Night ends. It’s helpful to sign up a specific group of club members to be in charge of this. Now is a good time to organize a team who will be in charge of tear-down and in whose room the booth leftovers will be stored. We all need to be responsible for our booth’s deconstruction. All booth parts must be taken away by the club members who brought them in.

Remember it’s not easy to just run to the store if you’ve forgotten something. Bring a tool box with any items you may need for kegs, jockey box set-up, booth decorations, etc. Along with booth decorations you should consider a sign advertising the name & town/state of your club and an easy to read list of the beers/meads you’ll be serving. Consider that people waiting in line for your beer will cover up any signs that are lower than body height. You may find it helpful to make out a list of items to bring, such as, kegs, bottles, bottle opener, jockey box, hoses, gas, hand-truck, beer list, markers, snacks, snack serving needs, sanitizer, drip tray, water, duct tape, hedgehog, tools, regulators, replacement parts, wrenches, towels for spillage, etc. 
BOOTH SIZE: 10'x10', no power, 6' table, 8' back drop
Set up: 5pm

Break down: 11:30pm, all booth items need to be taken down and move out entire booth


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Comment by Michael Ryan Lawrence on December 10, 2012 at 1:56pm

Great job Nat on setting this all up! CHEERS!

My idea for club night is to take the historical aspect of Philadelphia Brewing and Colonial Brewing and turn that into our "Theme"

With Beeradelphia having a strong historical opening focusing on colonial Philadelphia and Rich Wagner having a book focusing on the same, I really thing we could get some good synergy between the two, and with solid participation, could pull off a booth that could have the ALEiens being the talk of the convention.

Of course these are all just ideas, but figured I'd get them down in writing so we can discuss or dismiss them.

I was thinking to have our booth set up as a wooden colonial house/tavern front. Now of course without carpentry work we can't do much so anyone who is a carpenter that would like to help build a small display is needed. At the very least we could hang some old windows and decorate a facade to look as "colonial" as we could. Maybe drap hops over a thatched roof, or really anything we can come up with to make our booth appear as an old colonial house/tavern. With a few small touches... and a few costumes for those pouring (I'm game.. as I'm sure Rich is) we'll set the mood :)

We talked briefly at the meeting about beer. Jeremy graciously said he'd be willing to hold a "big brew day" at his brewery and loan us fermenting space. Him and I discussed maybe using the big brew day to brew a significant amount of one beer we can use as our "FLAGSHIP POUR". With the colonial theme... and as we heard from Rich Wagner's talk.. Maple Beer was a very popular style in colonial times, especially in Pennsylvania where maple trees were found in high numbers. Perhaps this could be our "FLAGSHIP BEER" and would not only be fun to brew.. but would really help tie in the colonial theme. Christian had a great idea the other day about maple water (what comes out of a maple tree before maple syrup is made) would be great for strike water.. but with us brewing early in the year probably not available.. however the idea of a large quantity of a maple beer seems like a nice angle for our theme and a way we could brew an interesting beer to impress the homebrewers.

Also I thought if we could get two nice big maple logs.. we could drill them out to hold our lines.. and place them on the sides of our colonial booth.. making neat ways to pour the maple beer.. via a tap right out of a maple tree.

Ok.. just some ideas.. any thoughts to the idea of a colonial theme or a maple beer? Lets make sure this one year when the NHC comes to OUR HOME TOWN... that the ALEiens take advantage and represent proudly.

PS.. we need a colonial aleien to appear.. :)





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