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Booth Set Up

ALEiens Club Night Booth Decor


Plan your booth set up so that you’ll be able to finish within this timeframe and remember to give yourself time to grab some dinner. We suggest you “stage” your booth supplies outside the Grand Ballroom so that you can run in and start setting up as soon as possible. 

Club night ends at 11:30 PM on Friday. We know there will be a desire to run and drink beer in the hospitality suite, but PLEASE stay to clean up, take down and move out your entire booth when Club Night ends. It’s helpful to sign up a specific group of club members to be in charge of this. Now is a good time to organize a team who will be in charge of tear-down and in whose room the booth leftovers will be stored. We all need to be responsible for our booth’s deconstruction. All booth parts must be taken away by the club members who brought them in.

Remember it’s not easy to just run to the store if you’ve forgotten something. Bring a tool box with any items you may need for kegs, jockey box set-up, booth decorations, etc. Along with booth decorations you should consider a sign advertising the name & town/state of your club and an easy to read list of the beers/meads you’ll be serving. Consider that people waiting in line for your beer will cover up any signs that are lower than body height. You may find it helpful to make out a list of items to bring, such as, kegs, bottles, bottle opener, jockey box, hoses, gas, hand-truck, beer list, markers, snacks, snack serving needs, sanitizer, drip tray, water, duct tape, hedgehog, tools, regulators, replacement parts, wrenches, towels for spillage, etc. 
BOOTH SIZE: 10'x10', no power, 6' table, 8' back drop
Set up: 5pm

Break down: 11:30pm, all booth items need to be taken down and move out entire booth


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Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on April 2, 2013 at 7:44am

I can help with the booth set up/break down assuming I'm not working a new job that requires me to be at work instead.

Comment by Natalie DeChico on March 24, 2013 at 1:11am

-helium spaceship ballons- Matt k

-tshirts- getting made for the club with NHC & Big Brew Day on them



banner w/ listing awards & who came from us; create on photoshop, have printed out

white board for listing whats on tap, code by number (maybe 2, 1 for Past,Present,Future styles)

aleien tap handles w/ number on it, number coordinates to white board, list with beers 

table cloth (green, black, silver)

Set up: 5pm, need a group to set up

Break down: 11:30pm, all booth items need to be taken down and move out entire booth

Comment by Bill Burton on February 23, 2013 at 10:41am

Booth Decor Idea

  An ALEiens photo wall. Pixs of Events/Beer related to ALEiens labled ALEiens In Action. Maybe photos of Humville  Inn/ Jeff.......................................................Beer For Thought  

Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on February 16, 2013 at 11:55am

I just got word back from CBS, they DO NOT give us permission to use the likenesses of Star Trek characters.  Oh well.

Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on February 13, 2013 at 5:43pm

We should have a simple contest to determine which 'ALEien ale' we'll use.  Personally, those who want to have their 'ALEien ale' considered should have their korny keg (or any keg) ready to go at but bring in at least 'X' ounces to be judged by 'Y' number of people at the May meeting.  The worst thing that can happen if you lose is that the ALEiens have extra kegs ready for the NHC as an emergency.  And of course they can be drunk at home or brought to the 'NHC is over ALEien Party.'..we are having one aren't we?

Comment by Bill Burton on February 13, 2013 at 3:32pm

Booth Idea  we can depict  the history of Beer  with pixs in a 10 ft x 1ft or smaller mural only hitting major highpoints like using the documentry History Of Beer or How Beer Saved The World  putting a spin on this with Aliens Intro thoughtout the depiction.  What do you think? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>need comments on easy paint symbols or peoples form past to present.  Examples  of this might be the Mayflower Landing, the crew toasting an  alien craft.   even a portrait of Ben F. with an alien about the size of his ear hanging there onto a lock of hair and wispering something.................................................................Come on Aleiens  Step up                                                                                  Got  Artist :    ( :  JIM THE BRUSH  : ) 

Comment by Michael Ryan Lawrence on February 13, 2013 at 12:56pm

Aleiens Ale would be great. I know at my Dad's bar he always has a lager dyed green.. kinda gimmicky but if we had a cloudy Hefe we dye green it would add to our overall WOW factor. Simple food coloring in a wheat beer would do the trick.

If Jeff wants to do an N/A juice that would be cool too.. however homebrewing is preferred being the NHC and all. :)

Love all these ideas!

Comment by Natalie DeChico on February 12, 2013 at 11:02pm
Jeff- that would be awesome!!!! I know Chris Speece wanted to brew a green beer too. But a good one, not like just dying it green ya know. Or maybe a mead with a green juice in it?! Great idea!!! ALEiens ale.

Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on February 12, 2013 at 9:57pm

Here is a quick idea, we'll have 'Hulme' (that's my name for our mascot alien) has a special 'alien juice' coming out of his/her index finger that she/he pours for our guests.  Obviously there is a hidden hand held faucet and a hose that goes from his finger through the outfit, out his foot to a hidden kornelius keg.  The 'alien juice' will have to be...other worldly but enjoyable to drink.  I already have my recipe.

What do you think!

Comment by Natalie DeChico on February 12, 2013 at 8:43pm

We won't have electricity at the booth, so printer/computer ideas are a no go, BUT we can definitely make a cardboard cutout of the alien and ben F for people to stick their heads in and take their own picture.  That'd be awesome.  Bill, do you think you could paint something like that?  The canvas size of the ALEien in our meeting room but with 3 heads (1 ALEien, 1 opening, 1 Ben F)?  Then people can take their own pics with our ALEien and logo.  That would be pretty cool!  I think with the Brewing Up a Revolution theme, there will be a lot of Ben F's there.  I definitely want to make GREEEEEEN t-shirts with our name and maybe Ben F or something like that... a slogan?

Comment by Bill Burton on February 12, 2013 at 1:15pm

Booth Idea  Stud Framing, Plywood Half Walls, Painter's canvas 4 theming. Painted canvas is a lot liter and more effective way to dress the booth. easy up easy down. May have an artist who painted our Aleien. Large canvas portrait of our Aleien may be a good way ? Ben , George, Whoever, could be done the same way.Then we hang them on the booth...........a little light......... some great beer........ wow factor?  Thinking moving wheel with portraits rotating above booth........... I need a Beer LOL

Comment by Bill Burton on February 12, 2013 at 12:58pm

Kool  more thoughts on this. We got the technology Email / cellphones / laptop /printer maybe we can via cell phone a pix to email / laptop / printer , need template 4 auto size and cropped to various pre set backgrounds, a group of  Aleiens (smartly placed)  can shoot NHC goers w/ cell phone throughout club nite the goers will b given pickup ticket.  The goers then can pick it up @ booth or we Email to them.   

Comment by Michael Ryan Lawrence on February 11, 2013 at 10:53pm

Bill I'm totally down for some WOW factor. I can say as Natalie and others who have been to GABF that botths that look good get the most traffic. Shit at GABF they give a medal out for best booth decoration. Having said that.. its really about WHO and WHAT we can do.

Photo booth is great idea. We could have your picture "cropped" with the founding fathers of Philly Beer.. etc. Issue is which Aleien has the skills and equipment to produce photos on a consistent basis and maintain that throughout the night.. if someone can.. agreed show stopper. But who?

If we can't pull that off we could always do a cardboard cutout that people can stand next to and photograph themselves? Maybe our ALEien? Holding a Beer? Or the Constitution? Or Both

Or another idea that I seen at GABF was a backdrop and a table full of crazy props. With some PVC pipe and a piece of carpet or an oriental rug.. you have a photobooth. The Props could be Beer Goggles, keg hats, scarfs, fake teeth, wigs, whatever. Drunks like taking pictures, especially with weird shit on their face. Again tho.. problem is who and how do we maintain photo production?

I wonder if we could get someone to "sponsor" a photobooth? Like Kodak or Canon or Nikon or even a local store like Calumet Photo? Then we can just rent a dude to comein for photobooth and pay to get a nice backdrop with NHC and our ALEien on it.

Also think if we are gonna get tee shirts (which we do Big Brew Day every year anyway) we should try to come up with something unique that stands out. Maybe ALEien Green, or something combining ALEiens and PHilly NHC. If we're gonna get shirts anyway, why not use it to help "Brand" our Homebrew club ya know?

I know that fake Ben Franklin dude.. we could always try to get him.. even Rich Wagner has the entire colonial brewing setup, equipment and costumes.. he does a solid animated class on colonial brewing with all replica equipment in full costume.. but again.. that comes with pay.. or a sponsor.

I can also check on an ALEiens banner.. I know Philly Beer Scene just got a gigantic one for cheap.. a reasonable one we could pay for by running a 50-50 at a meeting and we could use it for every event we ever do?

Comment by Bill Burton on February 11, 2013 at 11:32am

We need a BDF ( Big Draw Factor ) , like Ben F, & George W, having a pint with you / friends / whoever.

Computer photo set up. Photos can be cropped w/any face.  I think this might over whelm our booth !

Wow Factor or What   ........... just an idea,

Comment by Natalie DeChico on January 20, 2013 at 9:59pm

Jeff, I like the idea of the different styles of the draft system cover.  Who can build things???

Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on January 16, 2013 at 8:15pm

I would still like a Romulan serving me!

Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on January 16, 2013 at 8:15pm

Thinking of P/P/F, one side would be past and be made be wood, present on another side and maybe be made of steel, and the future a third side maybe made of plastic with different tap styles at each.

Comment by Natalie DeChico on January 15, 2013 at 9:00pm

Keeping in theme with the past/present/future idea, what do you think would work best for our draft system cover and our clothing?  We can get t-shirts made, definitely.  Other wise, any type of ideas?  Anyone interested in helping build a cover for our draft system?  Maybe out of wood/plastic, not sure.

Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on December 12, 2012 at 12:22pm


     The one weakness in my idea is what would Disney and MGM thinks about us using the likenesses of their characters?  We are a non-profit organization and we aren't going to make any money off them.  Does anyone know the answer to the above question?


Comment by Jeffrey Lewis on December 11, 2012 at 11:53pm



We have to stand out.  We can't stand out by going with the theme other clubs are going with.
Imagine a stall having a replica of 10 Forward, a star field flowing by in the background, and a Romulan, a Klingon, Darth Vadar, Princess Lahya, Benjamin Franklin (who only serves authentic colonial brews) and five other Star Wars/Star Trek characters serving OUR 'out of this world' beer.  Then imagine another stall with another group of brewers posing as William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, and eight other Philadelphians of the past serving their brews in a background of...say...a 1700 brewery in the back ground.  Don't forget there will be several of these stalls with this theme.  Which stall would you want to taste beer from?
We have a stall for the ALEiens, not the NHC.
Go aliens not colonials.
I will present my thoughts at the appropriate meeting with those that are interested in presenting an 'other worldly' experience.





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