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Big Brew Day 2017

Big Brew for National Homebrew Day 2017

It’s BIG BREW DAY and this year’s event will be YUGE! The ALEiens are co-hosting a multi-club event with Philly Homebrew Club and Keystone Hops, and we expect some other clubs will be joining as well.

Date:       Saturday, May 6, 2017

Time:       Set up starting at 9am, wort available by 10am [to be confirmed]

Place:      Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

Event Details:

  • NCBC has generously offered to brew a batch of wort for the event. We think this will make the day more fun and less work since you won’t need to bring grains, mash equipment, etc.  (If you still prefer to make your own wort, that’s fine too.)

  • The NCBC wort will be a pale malt base and medium gravity, but you are free to customize with specialty grains, extract, adjuncts, etc. And of course your own hops.  Philly Homebrew Outlet will set up a mobile shop offering hops, grains and other supplies you may have forgotten.

  • We’ll be able to hook up hoses to NCBC’s cold liquor tank to run wort chillers.

  • NCBC will also offer some of their uber-fresh house yeast. They usually have a few different strains on hand (including Cali Ale, Conan, hefe, lager…) We’ll confirm what is likely to be available closer to the event date.


  • If you plan to attend, sign up here by April 26. This isn’t 100% binding, but please sign up if you are likely to attend, so we can give Neshaminy a reasonable estimate of attendees. If you can’t spare a couple hours to brew that day, feel free to stop by anyway.

What to Bring:

  • A pot, burner & propane to boil your wort and a wort chiller for after the boil.

  • Whatever hops and additions you want to use to customize your beer.

  • A keg, bucket or carboy to bring home your wort to ferment. It’s not a requirement, but try to avoid bringing a glass carboy if possible to minimize the chances of breakage.

  • Let us know if you need to borrow or share any equipment (burners, chillers, etc.). We’ll bring the wort chiller from the ALEiens brew library and other members will be able to lend their spare equipment.

  • Homebrew to share! We’ll also bring the ALEiens jockey box if anyone wants to pour some of their kegged homebrew.


  • Anyone brewing with the Neshaminy wort and yeast will be eligible to enter their beer into a contest, to be judged by NCBC staff. The judging and announcements will be at a follow-up event on or about July 1. We’ll have a contest website set up to register and we’ll collect entries at our June 27 club meeting.


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