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My keggerator is in the garage. I know during the summer time, it gets hot in the garage and the fridge may need to work pretty hard. With this extreme cold temps we are going through, do you think the kegs could freeze out there? Has anyone ever had this happen? I also have some bottles in the fridge too. Are they in danger?

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The main thing I would worry about first are the faucets and shanks. They are pretty much exposed to the garage temperature. The inside of the fridge should stay at about your setpoint, it will drop some but the fridge should have decent insulation to prevent the cold from getting in.

Depending on the bottles, if you have some rare or pricey stuff you might want to move them just to be safe, (we have room over here :) )

Good luck!
i never had a problem with the kegs freezing either like brother benny said the fridge is pretty well insulated so you should be safe there i can see some concern for the bottles tho but i never had one pop on me and my garage is detatched and very uninsulated so like i said i wouldnt be too concerned
If you have a temp controller you should hook it up to a heating blanket to heat the inside to your set point. That's what I'm doing right now for my ale fermentations in my basements chest freezer.
I do have a temp controller, but it is tied up with fermenting some beer now. I need to get a couple more of them.
is the garage attached to the house?






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