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Hey all,

Hoping to tap into your expertise on this. I'm still working with kits and the past 3 seem to take forever to carbonate. I don't think temperature is the problem b/c I keep it in the basement (not on the floor). It seems to not carbonate for 2-3 months. Am I waiting too long to bottle? Does buy an oxygenation system help with this?

Looking forward to meeting you all on the 29.

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No, a starter really won't help with your cabonation. It'll help you get a faster start to active fermentation and it'll produce a cleaner finished beer, but I don't think it'll do much for helping you carb your beer.

I really don't think that your issue with carbonation is comming from a lack of active yeast. I'm willing to bet that it's either too cool or you aren't using enough priming sugar.

What is your bottling process? How much sugar do you use? What's the temp in your basement?

Dan had a great idea when he suggested kicking up the yeast in the bottles. That'll sometimes help to get things going.

Also what do you mean by slow to carb? Do you mean that the beer is really flat, or do you mean that you have no head retention? I know it seems like a dumb question, but someone might see a beer with little to no head and assume that it's flat even though it's not.






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