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Gentlemen (and ladies), the brewing system of my dreams is complete.  Special thanks to Bob Wright for the equipment, Sam Scott for the inspiration and brew stand design (AKA: Stanley), and many others including my father for cutting and fitting the stand.


Now all I have to to do is figure out how to brew.


Pictures show: "Stanley", 3- 15 gallon Italian kettles (2 with thermometers, 1 with thermowell), Rims system (looks like a pipe bomb), digital thermostat, 5 inch casters (300 lbs capacity), silicone hoses, 2 march pumps, and other cool stuff.

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AWESOME!!!   Congratulations!!   Now make some beer and bring it to a meeting!!  :)
Thanks & will do.

Nice!  Looks great.


Just some feedback... I've got some concerns about the way your pumps are mounted.  The march pumps are not self-priming and, from the way your pump heads are orientated, I'm afraid you're going to get air trapped in there.  If there's air, they won't prime.  



These pumps are notoriously difficult to prime... If you do an image search you'll notice that most have the pump head positioned with the intake at 6 o'clock (this isn't a coincidence!).  Also, to throttle the flow of the pump you'll want to apply back-pressure by adding some ball valves to the outlets.  (Never starve the pump by restricting flow to the input; best case you'll lose prime, worst you'll burn the pump out.)












If I could do it again, I would have added ball valves that came with a bleeder.  It would have made it much easier to fill the pump.  As it is, I have to disconnect the hose from my kettle to let the air out when priming my pumps.









Good luck with the system!


Ah, thats good info Sam.  I didn't think about that.  I tweeked it today and switched the orientation of the pumps.  Also I installed valves with bleeders on the out flow.  Check it out and let me know if this setup is correct.  Thanks
Nice Job! You have to bring it to the next Big Brew Day and show it off. Sam`s right about the pumps (they are a pain to prime) and did you use quick change fittings?

Hey thanks Bill.  As long as I can figure out how to use it by May, I will have it there.  As far as quick disconnects, I have one but I am not using it.  I might get a few more if I find that I have to switch hoses.  I think, as it seems right now the only hose I would move is one attached to the mash tun in the picture above to the HLT on the right.


I think is is the best way to set this up.  Let me know if you guys think I can eliminate or bypass something to make it more practical. 


As always thanks for the knowledge gentlemen. 

Hello, Craig

  That is a seriously impressive set up.  Not only am I impressed...but I'm slightly (very) jealous.


  Question for you - what type of heat source did you end up mounting?


Thank you in advance, Carl G.

Hey Carl-

Thanks for the feedback.  I love the smell of jealousy in the evening.  Now, I just have to figure out how to use it.  All show and no dough I guess.


Heating question.  I have propane burners under the 2 outside kettles.  On the middle section (mash tun) I tried a few different set-ups.  I set up a RIMS system where the wort was pumped through a stainless pipe and heated with a hot water coil.  I didn't like that because it took way too long to get to mash out temp, and also the heating element corroded.  Plan B was to put another burner under the mash tun and direct fire to keep/raise temp.  Didn't care for that either.


My current set up is a HERMS system.  I keep water in the HLT at my mash temp.  From the mash tun, I pump my mash through a wort chiller (located in the HLT) and back into the top of the mash tun, to recirculate the wort.  The science is that the mash passes through the wort chiller and raises the temp to what ever the HLT is set as.  I control the temp in the HLT by the propane burner under it.  This seems to be the best way to control the mash temp, and quickest way to get the mash temp up to mash out levels.  


Hope it helps


That's great that you seem to have it dialed in.  Tough that it was a trial by fire (or in this case not so hot fire).  How many BTUs are the burners rated at - must be pretty high. 

Seriously awesome set up.


take care, Carl G.

Thanks again Carl-
The burners I believe are 75,000 BTU. They are pretty big but I understand that I can purchase a better propane regulator that would increase the BTU's.
Hey can pick up 0 to 30 psi adjustable regulators from Amazon as well as other places. My style burner with a 10 psi regulator on gives  55,000 BTU's and took all day to heat up. You should be able to increase your BTU's with the upgraded regulator. Worked for me.  Back in the day all the Cookers had high BTU regulators , not sure when that changed.

Hi, Blaise

  I think that the smaller rated burners were dialed back specifically, because with a high-psi regulator people were blowing out the flames on the burners...especially in the smaller-burnered turkey fryers.







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