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So here we are. At April's meeting, we will start the Iron Brewer Competition. Attached to the thread is the rules and some ingredients that we will have to choose from. Please state whether you'd be interested in entering this competition. We can only fill 16 brewers per bracket for the tournament.

List of Brewers
 1)  Christian Mosebach
 2)  Eivind Sandstrand
 3)  Jeff Louella
 4)  Dan Noon
 5)  Matt Myers
 6)  Terrence Charest
 7)  Steve Hulse + Bill Schools
 8)  Shawn Swaim + Martin
 9)  Steve Hawk + Don Gravatt
10) Blaise Fougere
11) Natalie + Joe DeChico
12) Mike Sodano + Johnny B
13) Rob Strigel
14) Joe Juliano
15) Craig Walter
16) Anthony Gurka + Gianpiero Lo Piccolo

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Eh, I knew it was in the early to mid 20s. Regardless, we'll have a few extra brews to enter.
I'll drink to that! I better walk down for this one. Last time I had to drive straight from work..
My Ginger beer shall be ready for battle.
Peppercorn beers are ready to go, I need to taste both versions and decide which to use.
My beer is ready too. oh wait, I lost. :(
Well then, if you can't beat 'em... Join 'em!!!! Root me on and I'll be backed by the newly crowned king of jalapeno beer.
Maybe that will be your next round ingredient.
I just got to brewing my Ginger beer today. Cutting it really close!
Ahhhh yes, during the 7th inning stretch I tasted the peppercorn brews to decide which to enter. I'm not saying I have the winner, but I certainly know which of my two beers I will be entering.
Congrats to all the winners last night. Can't wait for next year's Iron Brewer so I can get back in the game. It's a lot of fun.
Agreed, even though I was ruthlessly knocked out in the first round, I am still having fun with it. Looking forward to the battle of the Yam/Sweet Potatoes vs Peppers...






Iron Brewer Rd 1 Judging








TBD + Officer Elections



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