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I`v recentiy brewed a chocolate stout. After the brew one of our managers handed me a 9&1/2 Lb. sak of cocoa beans (WOW!). (Dominican Gourmet Beans). The best! What am I going to do with all these beans? Ah; Give them to the brew club. I baged them in 8oz`s, 19 bags. That`s good for a 10 gallon batch. (you only need 3-4oz per 5 gal.) Now these are raw and have to be roasted, you can google all info. I`ll bring them in to the November meeting. Brew something up and bring it to the February meeting. We can do a blind judging and pick a winner. (did I say prize for 1-2-3 place)


This Has Been Postponed until the March 2011 Meeting!!!

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I'm in! Thanks Bill!!
Really cool! I'd like to do a robust porter.
Hey, I may be a tad late to the meeting (8PM?). Bill, can you save me a bag?! Thanks!
Actually, I may not be able to make it at all... If there's a bag left in December, I'll go for it then
Awesome. I am also in and will work with you to set this all up.
Sounds awesome. Coming to my first meeting tonight and I look forward to meeting you.
Sound good i'm in as well.
Found what looks like a good resource for roasting:
Thanks Bill! Count me in.
so are there any different techniques for using the beans?  I thought steeping in the boil could work?  I'm gonna try a chocolate cherry porter.
Does anyone want my Cocoa Beans. I have been swamped with life and work and am not going to be able to do this. The beans are still unnroasted. I can bring them to the Tuesday Meeting.


If no one has spoken for them, I'll take them off of your hands.






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