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It has recently become a goal of mine to make a tasty, low alcohol beer from the second runnings of various big beers that I plan to brew. My first attempt was to make an English bitter out of the second runnings of a barley wine. It failed for various reasons that in hindsight are painfully clear to me. Let's just say that it was a learning experience and I am currently without my english bitter. I was planning on making a Belgan Tripple and a Russian Imperal Stout in the near future and thought I would give it a second (and third) go. Any pointers would be appreciated, any story of great success would be encouraging. Cheers!   

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I'm doing my first second run this weekend. Will post how it goes. I too am curious about this process. Should be fun.
I think that a long boil is necessary to remove as much water as possible. What kind of brew are you making?
I'm making a Belgian Single Ale in the likeness (I hope) of St. Sixtus Blonde Ale. First run should be in the neighborhood of 5.5-6% and I would like to get a second in the 3.2 range.






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