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I was planning on grabbing the yeast from a 750ml bottle of duvel I recently finished (I left the yeast behind).  I know they bottle condition using the same yeast they ferment with.  I was wondering if anyone else here has tried it, has any tips or pointers, etc...

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I have done it with a bottle of Saison Du Pont.  You will need to step it up several times. I added some light starter wort to a freshly poured bottle and put tin foil on top. I would swish it around every once in a while until it started fermenting. I then stepped it up to a 1000ml starter. Let it ferment out. Then I added to a 2000ml starter and placed it on a stirplate. It grew to full size and fermented my saison out pretty dry. 

im still not getting any action (although it actually looks like there's more sediment on the bottom, i dunno).  i just kicked the yeast up and if i don't get any more action soon i might let it settle out, decant, and try again -- i think i used too much volume of wort.  sidenote, as someone who has never done extract brewing, i reaallly hate dme.  it sticks to everything.

Ha. DME is a sticky mess. 

The first step may not see much activity, especially if the wort volume and gravity are too high. 

Just so you know, WLP570 from White Labs is the Duvel Strain, so you may not need to go through this whole exercise. It is still fun to do though.  

Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  I have a collection going.  Chimay, Troeggs Dream Weaver, Victory Helios, and some very interesting yeast from an old keg of Ortlieb's wheat beer.  Yeast is funny stuff, I like the kind that ferments quickly and drops out within a week.  Repitch from batch to batch.

officially given up on the experiment.  looked kinda infected.  anyways, ill probably try later with something else, something where i have more yeast to start and that should take off faster.






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