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If I over carbonated a keg, is there a way to release some of the Co2 from the beer?

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Make sure it is really over carbonated. My kegging system in my house is not balanced properly, so I get foam on a lot of my beers. To me, it seems like the are over carbonated. But every beer I entered into the last competition said the beer was under carbonated. I need to balance my kegging system by adding longer lengths of beer line.

If your kegging system is balanced and your beer is truly over carbonated, you can:

Take the keg off the gas.

If you have a pressure release gauge, you can set it on the keg to a lower PSI and just let it release the gas until it hits that number.

If not, just pull the pressure valve until the gas escapes. In another hour or so, pull it again. Your basically flattening the beer at that time.

I don't 100% know the affects of removing the CO2. It may effect head retention or something along those lines.
Swirl your glass :P
nice... lol
turn off the gas to the keg via the gas shut off valve, then just pull the gas blowoff ring on the lid. try it next day and see if that gets you in the ball park.
Ahh.. the benefit of having a day off. I can brew and look up beer info.

I have a similar problem to this one so I'll resurrect this thread..

I brewed a beer back in September. It's the first beer I put into a keg, and I tossed it into the basement. As I don't have a kegerator, and must use a picnic tap to dispense, I forgot about the beer for awhile. It was sitting there at 15psi for 6 months at 40F.

I remembered about my poor neglected beer the other day and decided to give it a taste.

I dropped the regulator to 6 psi and tapped it. It's all foam. I have it running through 3 ft of tubing to a cobra picnic tap. It's odd because under the foam it appears that the beer has no carbonation.

After reading this thread I turned the gas off completely and have pulled the pressure release valve last night to hopefully release some excess CO2. With a short (3ft) length of tube going out to the tap could an overcarbonated beer vent all its CO2 enoguh so that the beer under the excess head would appear to be uncarbonated?

Whether or not it works, seeing how this month's meeting is in a week I'll bring some along in growlers, as I need to empty the keg for the next brew. It's a tasty pumpkin rye beer, regardless of the carbonation issues.


I will welcome a large supply of Pumpkin Rye beer at the next meeting! Thanks for sharing with us! :)
Anytime.. I don't know how much is left.. a little less than a case, so I should be bringing two growlers. I haven't checked it tonight for carbonation, but after my brew session is done I'll head downstairs and put a tap on it.






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