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So my yeast starter went well but when brewing I only added about half of the extract at the beginning of the boil. I was set to add the last bit at then end and forgot until after I had cooled my wort. So what I did was boil a gallon of my top off water and add it to that. I got that down to temperature but couldn't use my chiller on it as it was in a smaller pot. So I stuck a lid on it and put it in the freezer. It took about an hour to get down to temperature. I then added the two bits of wort, topped off and had a little more than 5 gallons. I put the starter (that I decanted) in and within a few hours I had a bubbling airlock. This morning it was going crazy and the foam was to the top so i added a blowoff. So my concern isn't the fermentation at this point rather, any off flavors due to the wort being two seperate "batches" if you will and the fact that the main batch sat out for a while after I had cooled it. What are my chances that this batch may still be ok?

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I think you're all good, Tom. As long as the wort that sat out was covered and you practiced good sanitation, all will be well! (I've waited as long as 36 hours before pitching my yeast without issue... another story.) Any off-flavors in the beer will not be caused by having the wort in two separate "batches".

When extract brewing, the primary reason for boiling is for hop bitterness. With all-grain brewing there are a few other reasons we boil the wort (volitization of DMS and break formation are two important ones). The fact is, during the manufacture of extract, the wort has already been boiled.

I like that you used the "late-extract" method. You avoided boiling a concentrated, high-gravity wort. This improves your hop utilization and avoids excess melanoidan formation that many attribute to an "extract-twang" flavor that sometimes plagues extract brews.

You probably didn't even have to boil the second addition of extract. Just mixing it with some warm water to get it dissolved would have been fine. I've even heard of brewers adding extract a day or two after fermentation has started by pouring it right in the fermenter.

Thanks Sam, that makes me feel A LOT better. And yes I started doing the late extract method probably with my second batch and just seemed to taste better.

I really want to move to all grain at some point but to be honest I don't have the time or room for the extra equipment. I was hoping that the club has a brew day of some sort where maybe I can watch all grain at work.
We wanted to do a Fall brew, but we just haven't had the time to organize it. We will be doing one every May for Big Brew Day and the ALEiens Anniversary.






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