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I just picked up 15lbs of NJ Wildflower Honey at a NJ Farmers Market. I never made a mead before, so I have no clue what is good. I was thinking of sticking with locally grown adjuncts for the Mead like Blueberrys, but I don't know what makes for a good mead.

Anyone have any experience in this area?

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If it's ok with you, I can give you the address of another web forum that is specifically for mead making. These guys really seem to know their stuff.

I've been thinking about getting more into mead making myself.
yeah. What's the forum?
Yeah, that was it. I guess you know about it already, so nevermind. lol
Did you catch Jamil's mead show? I never had an interest in mead until I heard this show... awesome! I'd like to do a batch. Just curious, is that farmer's market you mentioned the one on 206 in Columbus? How much did 15lbs of honey cost you?
Yup. $15 for 5lb jar. Maybe cheaper if you buy in bulk.
I just redownloaded and listened to this show again. The first time I listened just to listen. The second I listened closer since I am closer to attempting. I still need to hash out my full plan.

I'm a new member to the club and wanted to share some information with you all. After making wine for many years, I've recently moved over to making mead. I am a pretty good shoper, and always looking for a better price on everything in an attempt to keep my costs down. Honey typically goes for around $4.00/lb. on an average. If you can get it for closer to $3.00/lb. you're doing good. Just yesterday, I saw it on sale at my local Shop Rite for $2.50/16oz. I live in the Hainesport/Mount Laurel area of NJ, not far from the Columbus Farm Market. I've never seen honey that cheap anywhere! I'm not sure if all Shop Rites run the same sales. But, you may want to check out your local Shop Rite store this week.
Good to know.... Thanks John! I'll keep my eyes open. I'd love to try making a batch. Is the honey at the super market any different than what you might find at a farmers market? I've seen some honeys marketed as "raw" and I'm wondering if it makes a difference.
The supermarket honey is the same thing you get at the farmer market stands. As far as I know, the term "raw" is a term used to indicate that the honey has not been processed in any way. e.g.; Pasturized. Raw is fine. Honey doesn't need anything done to it. It is the only food on earth that never spoils.
I've heard there is a difference in quality. Not saying the honey I got from a farmers market is the best, but there are huge differences in honey. It's like wine grapes. You can have merlot grapes from napa or new jersey. Both may make good wine, but napa is wine heaven.

Sam, there is a honey shop in flemington nj. I remember going there as a kid. I hope it is still there. You may be able to get different varieties there. At columbus, the guy sold local honey from local farmers. May be a little more, but you would be supporting local farmers.






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