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i have a really big beer going and i believe its stuck.  OG was 1.100, after 1 week in primary it was 1.060, after 2 weeks in secondary its been at 1.040 for 3 to 4 days now.  dont know how to get around it, any suggestions?

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A couple of questions:


How many gallons?  How much yeast did you pitch?  Did you use a starter?  What' was the temp when pitching?  What's the fermentation temp?


I sometimes rouse the carboy a bit if my yeast gets stuck, and that often gets things going


Some more/good info can also be found here:

It's critical to oxygenate a beer that big. I've brewed a few with OG's that high and found some great information in the FAQ on the white labs website. Here are a few of the tips they recommend to achieve full fermentation on a high gravity wort. Since you are already in the secondary, consider adding some fresh yeast via a well aerated starter. Aerating the starter and not the beer will lessen the chance of oxidation.


  • Aerate very heavily, 4 times as much as with a normal gravity beer. Less oxygen dissolves into solution at high gravity.
  • Pitch 3-4 times as much yeast as normal.
  • Consider aerating intermittently during the first 5 days of fermentation. This will help yeast cells during a very difficult fermentation. Aerate with oxygen for 30 seconds or air for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Higher nutrient levels can allow yeast to tolerate higher alcohol levels. Use 2 times the normal nutrient level. This is especially important when using WLP099 to make wine and mead, which have almost no nutrient level to begin with.
  • Do not start with the entire wort sugar at once. Begin fermentation with a wort that would produce a 6-8% beer, and add wort (it can be concentrated) each day during the first 5 days. This can be done together with aeration. This is mandatory if the reported 25% ABV is to be achieved.


If it is still stuck, try making a small yeast starter and when it is going crazy, dump it into the stuck beer. Don't just add unactive yeast. Make sure they are hungry and going to town already. 






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