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I have been selected as one of 12 participants to participate in "Clone Brew Wars 2" It will take place I believe Sunday June 5th at the Philly TapHouse.  More details to follow.


The contest is that 12 brewers will brew 1 commercial "classic" beer and will be judged and placed into one of three categories.  The categories are:  1.  Better then the original  2. most similar to the original  3.  Best overall


I was invited to participate based on my 1st place at the WOTW 2011.  I just looked and everyone participating took 1st place in a category (some many more than 1), so I have some stiff competition.


I look to you guys because I want to represent the ALEiens well and not embarrass myself.  My "classic beer" is Franziskaner Dunkle.  I am in need of a great recipe and I am calling on any and all advice from your experience to help me with this.  Any detail will be helpful.  


I feel that I am totally outmatched but I hope the ALEien nation will help me.  Thanks guys.

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I almost certainly shouldn't help you, because I too am competing in this contest! 


However, in the interest of karma, I'll offer this:  iirc, both Franziskaner Hefe and Dunkel-weisse are brewed using hop extracts in place of whole hops these days.  For the Dunkel, I'd probably brew it with dark munich malt, malted wheat, and carafa.


You'll have to work out the percentages and yeast selection on your own!  :)



Are you also brewing a Dunkel? I don't know anything else about this competition. Does everyone have a different style and beer to clone? Sounds like a fun comp.



No, Jeff.  I'm brewing a Bell's Two-Hearted clone.  Each brewer was asked to choose 3 beers that they would be willing to brew.  From the list of suggestions, the organizers selected one beer for each contestant.


This is the website from last year (hasn't been updated with this year's beers and brewers yet):


Here are the contestants and their respective beers for this year:

Commercial Example Brewer
Bell's Two Hearted Joe Daknis 
Firestone Double Barrel Matt Tarlecki
Pliny The Elder John Larkin 
Raison De'tre Steve Robson
Founder's Breakfast Chris Langlois
Nogne o Porter Blake Morris
Arrogant Bastard Dave Grosch
Anchor Steam Reggie Springer
Guinness Foreign Extra Ryan Ritter 
Rogue Dead Guy

Kurt Buchholz 

Franziskaner Dunkel                                         Craig Walter

Very cool. Of course, Jamil and Can you Brew It cloned a few of these recipes already. So something like Arrogant Bastard would have been an Awesome test, but Jamil figured out the secrets to it. 


I believe Bells is all Centennial hops. I have seen a bunch of cloned recipes for that. 


My first beer I ever brewed was a DunkleWeisse.  The kit I bought used Chocolate Malt. When I entered it into a competition, All the judges said they tasted the chocolate and it does not belong. That is my one experience with that style. 

Thanks Joe-  thats one vote for the Bell's from me.

Cheers, Craig!  Not a perfect comparison, 'cos of the different vessels - but here's a look anyway...


Hey Joe-  Great showing at the Clone Wars.  I really enjoyed your beer.  So much so that I am doing an IPA this weekend.  In the past I have brewed a variation of DFH 60 minute IPA, but I have had a hard time getting your two-hearted out of my head.  Any chance you could share some information on that gem?  Mash, fermentation, recipe, procedure, filtration?  Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Joe.






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