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So my wife and I were in upstate NY and visited a cider mill.  I picked up 4 gallons of fresh pressed cider with no preservatives.  When I got home, I added 3 pounds of honey and a pound of Belgian candy sugar.  My OG was at 1.077.  I used red star champagne yeast and now I am regretting it.  From what I have read this yeast takes a long time to drop out and will dry it all the way.  I wanted to make this a sparkling sweet cider.  What I would like to do is stop the yeasties.  If I add some chemical to kill the yeast I cant carbonate it in the bottles.  So what I was thinking was to transfer it to a secondary when it gets around 1.02, let it go a bit longer in the secondary.  Then I would bottle and let carbonate for a week or so.  At that point, I will pasteurize the bottles so the yeast stops working and does not cause bottle bombs.  Do you think the time I bottle and carbonate will cause bombs before I get to pasteurize?  I am a little worried. 

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Just a thought. If the fermentation hasn't really started yet, perhaps make a starter with a boatload of the strain of yeast that you want. Perhaps it will take over the cider and give you the character you want.

Also, if you do a secondary and add a non fermentable sugar such as maltodextrine, it might cut out the dryness a little bit and add some of the sweetness you are looking for.
It already started, its been like 8 days in primary. I am thinking about backsweetening with some type of non-fermentable sugar. The think is unless i let it go in the secondary for a while, there will still be active yeast in the bottles.






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