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Hello Aleiens!  Nice to meet you all and hopefully brew with you.  I have been brewing for about two and a half years now though I haven't made anything new in the past couple of months since my kegerator bit it.   Aside from brewing I am also a beekeeper and a member of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild.  This year we successfully hosted the 3rd annual Philadelphia HoneyFest and are already planning events for next year.  Some members of the Guild, such as myself, are homebrewers and we would like to see one of the new events for 2013 involve bee keepers, homebrewers and the making of mead. 
We would like to put on a sort of mead competition for the 2013 honey festival where entrants will simply share their meads with each other rather than a judged competition.  The target audience are honey fans who would like to try their hand at making mead and experienced home brewers who maybe haven't tried making mead yet, and those who make it often. Aside from those who wish to just brew their own mead, there are some Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild members who are interested in pairing with more experienced homebrewers to make a batch together using their honey.  We also may be looking to do a winter group mead making session, hopefully tied in with a homebrew store with cooking facilities, to garner interest and teach.
We currently have preliminary information about the event online here: .  We also have an email account,, which those interested may send questions to so either myself or Sean Benjamin can field them.  Sean has been making mead for the past few years and volunteered at this years Honeyfest manning a table to field mead questions and serve mead samples from Stonekeep Meadery. I am happy to answer anything that comes up in this discussion here as well.
If any of the above sounds like it would be of interest to your club members please spread the word to them and let us know if there is anything we can do to help get things moving.  As you know, mead can take a fair bit of rest for best taste and in light of this we want to help people move forward as soon as possible.  If you would like me to attend an upcoming club meeting to speak to members and field questions I would be happy to do so.
Hopefully we can get some mead going soon!

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Sounds great. Sorry about the slow reply. I know it less than a year but I will mention this event at the next meeting. We meet the last Tuesdays of the month at Hulmeville inn. I know members of the Philly. Homebrew Club as well and will let them know....Blaise






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