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I had my kegs cut and welded by my uncle while he did my frame as well. Except I didnt pay attention to the half 1" coupler and it was welded in backwards. I plan to cut it out myself, but I dont feel liek driving back out to Downingtown to get one piece welded. So does anyone know of someone who can quickly do one coupling?

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I used these guys and was very happy with the result (three fittings welded into my keggle very nicely)

Elonis Welding
1088 Old Bristol Pike, Morrisville, PA
(215) 736-0646‎
Eivind, did they cut the keg too or just weld?
Welding only (it was pre cut from PHB, and I drilled the holes myself) but I think they can do that as well.
hey Eivind. how much did Elonis Welding charge for this? It was 3 fitting into one keg?
Hey Jeff,

I think I paid $125 for three fittings welded into one keg with some kind of gas (Ardon?) "refinement" to help make it real smooth and easy to clean on the inside.

He did a nice job, and they were a pleasure to deal with.
Justin, You might consider cutting it off grinding it down and using a S.S. union, rubber Oring, washer and nut. I don`t know if this will help with your set up but that`s what I did with my HLT. Good Luck.






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