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HOPS BOPS Homebrew Competition Drop-off deadline date is Wednesday, October 21st


Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew is a drop-off point for the HOPS BOPS (Best of Philly) Homebrew Competition.
HOPS ( Homebrewers of Philadelphia and Suburbs) is the club associated with the Home Sweet Homebrew shop in Philadelphia.
A member of their club is coming to Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew next Wednesday, October 21st to pick up the entries dropped off here. This would be a great opportunity for all the brewers that are entering our ALEIENS CLUB ONLY "Oatmeal Stout Competition" to also enter their beers in the HOPS BOPS competiton also. It would be good exporsure for the club and you can also get a second opinon on your beer from a different set of judges. PLUS you can win more prizes!!!
I'm sure that the ALEIENS Club members have some other good brews squirred away in their basements that are of award winning quality, so let's go ALEIENS, lets put this club on the map and get a good number of entries into the HOPS BOPS competition. Time is a wasting, get those entries here at the shop by Oct. 21st and early as possible too since I have no way of knowing what time on that Wednesday that the member of HOPS will be here to pick them up. Be safe rather than sorry and drop the entries off before the 21st.

The website with all the good info about the competition is here:

Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew
248 Bustleton Pike
Feasterville, PA 19053

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I agree. I can barely read my forms either. My Wee Heavy (2nd place) scored a 34.5, Belgian IPA 40.5 (Dave Houseman was one of the judges...kind of proud on that one), and my oatmeal stout...27.5, which coupled with my aleiens score means i have no clue how to make a good oatmeal stout!
When you get BJCP certified, do you have to pass a legibility exam? One of my score sheets I could read maybe 5 words on the entire page! My oatmeal stout got a 35.5 average and the same with my California Common.
Christian, that's been my biggest complaint everytime I enter a homebrew contest. Last time I entered a contest, I put in 2 beers. Three judges scored each beer so I got 6 judge sheets back. I could only read one of them. I even had other people try to read the chicken scratching and nobody could read them. It really get's you upset since one of the big reasons for entering a contest is to receive feedback from the judges and then they write so fast you can't read it.
I agree, it's really frustrating. Make sure you email the organizers so that they know you are dissatisfied. They want to make sure they run a successful event and want people to continue entering each year. They need your feedback. If the judges email is on the sheet, make sure you copy him or her.

I know a lot of brewers get caught up on the score... It's all arbitrary; many don't understand that there are situations during a competition where a lower scored beer may place above a higher scored beer. I don't pay too much attention to the score (unless it's from someone like Dave Houseman as Rick mentioned), it's the feedback that's important. If all you can read is the score, you just wasted your $7 entry fee.
Why e-mail the organizers? They are the ones that mail you back your judge's score sheets. If they can't see that the sheets are unreadable at that time, then I doubt that your e-mail will do any good. What needs to be done is when score sheets are being collected the stewards or organizers should examine them tnen and there to make sure they are readable. If not, the score sheets should be handed back to the judge to re-write. This would only have to be done once or twice for the judges to get the message and do it correctly from that point forward.
The guys stuffing envelopes are not necessarily the organizers of the contest and I doubt they would bother to flip over the coversheet to look at the judges comments.

Trust me... just shoot out some emails to organizers, judges and even the BJCP. They need the feedback and, I'm sure, are always interested in making improvements.
































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