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I noted online recently that the entry window for HOPS BOPS starts soon.


Also, if you're able to enter in any of the following categories;


  1. 17F Fruit Lambic
  2. 21A Spice, Herb or Veg. beer
  3. 21B X-mass or Winter Spiced Ale
  4. 22B Other Smoke Beer
  5. 22C Wood aged beer
  6. 23 Specialty Beer


Sam Calgione of Dogfish Head will be picking from amongst the 1st - 3rd place winners of these categories and will select a brewer with whom he will enter a ProAm competition.


The main competition website is here:


And entries for categories 1 - 29 are being accepted 10/19 - 10/29.


I believe I will enter a few brews and maybe go to the awards ceremony.


Best of luck to all who enter!





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get some!


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