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Hey ALEiens-

This Sunday is Clone Brew Wars II. 12 group winners at this years War-Of the-Worts were selected and asked to clone a legendary commercial beer. I was selected as a participant and was assigned Franziskaner Dunkle as my clone. Other clones include Arr. Bastard ale, Pliney the Elder, Guiness, Ommegang Abby, Bells Two-Hearted and more.

This looks like it will be an awesome event. It takes place this Sunday from 1-4 at the City Tap House in Philadelphia. They will section off the back deck for the event. Tickets are still available and available at the door. This is a great chance to try some excellent homebrews, and help me win. Come on out and support a fellow ALEien.

Thanks guys.

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Go Craig!  It was a great honor for you to be chosen for this. You are going up against some of the area's best. Good Luck. I am sure you will kick ass.
Make sure you make some extra of that FranziDunkel - it's one of my favorites in the Weizen department!

Hey, wish I could be there!  Best of luck.


Craig, how did you do?
It was a good showing but I did not take one of the top 2 spots. All of those beers were excellent. Very tough competition. Fun experience though.

You loser.


Sorry, forgot to add a little smiley after that.  I'm only joking.  ;)
Who won? The site isn't updated with any winners.
Firestone Walker Double Barrel won top prize
Nagone Porter took second prize
Raison D'Etra took 3rd prize

I voted for fellow ALEIen Joe D. His Bells 2-Hearted was outstanding.

i will say that this was a great event and the aleiens need to make a big showing next year!! everyone had a blast and all the beers were awesome ( yea even craigs ) all the competitors were very friendly and open to any questions ppl had about the fine art of homebrewing... My only complaint would be that i had to carry Craigs full keg packed in a cooler, filled with ice across a very  busy street, across a plaza, up a huge flight of stairs, down a walk way to another flight of steps and through the bar!!! It was less than easy lol


Dan, That's what happens when you stop brewing and become the assistant. Morale of the story. Start brewing again.
Easy big fella. If starts brewing again, that would mean that I have to carry all of my stuff and I don't want that.





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