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I'll be driving up to Keystone Homebrew on Sunday, and will be able to take entries for the War of the Worts along with me. I spoke to Paul and he is willing to take entries prior to my drive up there. I am leaving around 2pm to go up, so if you're dropping off entries be sure to stop by Wine Barley and Hops by 1pm Sunday. I will call Paul to see if I have any deliveries to make.

Good luck to all ALEiens entrants!

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Thanks for doing this. 

No problem! I've been wanting to see the new Keystone shop. I'll let them know I'm dropping by last minute with some entries.

it's pretty huge

Stopping by Wine Barley and Hops around 1:30pm to pick up several entries.. last call for dropoffs if you can get them over to WBH before then.


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