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DiBruno Brothers Cheese & Beer Pairing

Sunday, November 10 at 2pm

at The Hulmeville

For only $5 you get 4 pieces of cheese and 5 (4oz) samples of beer.  Amy, a cheese monger from DiBruno Brothers, will be there to lead us through this cheese and beer pairing.  She will also be able to tell us what works with other styles of brews and home-brews.  Come on out to learn about pairings, eat some cheese, and drink some brews.  SIGN UP BELOW, ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!!


Weyerbacher Blasphemy Bourbon Bbl Aged Belgian Quad 11.8%

Weyerbacher Tiny Belgian Style Imperial Stout 11.8%

Neshaminy Creek County Line IPA 6.6%

Naked Brewing Company Sour Pomegranate Wheat 6.5%

Tired Hands My Favorite Show: Classical Modern Saison. 5.7% A classical modern Saison brewed with wheat and just enough Cascade, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops. Subtle, spicy, refreshing, and juicy.

Cheese pairings... tbd….

The $5 helps pay for cheese since the beers were donated, our member dues cover the rest of this event!  

1. John Schwendiman

2. Mrs. Schwendiman

3. Todd Stalker

4. Matt Myers

5. Glenn Locke

6. Zeke Diaz

7. Alex Mustico

8. Steve Barton

9. Joann DeChico

10. Natalie DeChico

11. Jess Streeter

12. Ed Welsh

13. Dave Drass

14. Karen Drass

15. Mike Sodano

16. Dave Covey

17. Mrs. Covey

18. Justin Hutton



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I'd like to attend. My wife would also like to attend, if it is possible.  If it's needed, I'll pay for her membership to the club.

Count me in.  Thanks!

My Wife would like to attend also if possible. Let me know, We can pay the membership fee to the club also. Thanks






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