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I would like us to coordinate our entrys so we will have a better strategic spread through out the categorys. This is WAR people we need to plan! I just brewed a Roggznbier (German Rye) that should be ready, I also have Imperial Stout, a Saison, a Belgian Tripel and my 1 year old Barley Wine.

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Bill, this is a great plan. Though for War of the Worts, it may be to late to truly diversify. I have some styles too. Traditional Bock, Russian Imperial Stout, Imperial IPA, Brown Porter, California Steam Beer, and my Oaked IPA (for oak aged cat). So we only have one overlapping. I am debating on brewing something quick and light this weekend, but not sure what.

I don't think having multiple in one category is a bad thing (there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places), but I would like to have as many in different categories as possible. This way we don't have 10 brown porters and no Pale Ales. Stuff like that.
The WOTW's web site has been updated and is now live.
I've got a hefeweizen that might be ready in time. Last year I scored a 44 with my hef and only took second (lost to a roggenbier). I've also got a Robust Porter and a Brownish-Amber Ale (don't know where to put this one... might enter it in two categories).
What? no cream ale?

I am thinking of doing a ordinary bitter, but I have never made a beer that low in abv. Jamils recipe for one, the SG is 1.038. That thing should ferment in a day. I figure it would be dirt cheap to make and I can drink it all in one sitting.
I will be entering a Oatmeal Chocolate Stout, a dry hopped IPA, and a Vienna Lager. Sounds like 3 blue ribbons to me. If not 3, at least I'll be drunk enough to forget where I finish.
i was gonna enter a greman heffe , a lager that i need to find a category for and i just brewed a dunklewiesse that will be done in time and maybe a black lager if i can get it into a bottle but that one is really pushing the limits of the category so it probably wont score too well
I just found out that entries will need to be in by Feb 7th. That will come up quick, so get them brews ready soon.
Yeah, that is coming up quick. They haven't updated their web page yet. Should we add the deadline date to the calendar here?
They said they will be updating the site this week, but I would definitely put that date up there.
Officially the drop off dates are: January 24th to February 7th at the same locations as last year.
Just put it in the calendar. Paul's shop was not listed as a drop-off location last year. Is he accepting them this year?
For some reason Jason at Keystone doesn't like Paul, so he never adds him to a drop off list. He won't even accept donated prizes for the winners from Paul's shop.

If people want to drop off their entries at Paul's shop, I don't mind picking them up and driving them to another shop.






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