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just got home from the meeting, put all the beers i got in the fridge, can't wait to try them out on the morrow.....prost!

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I was able to score some good ones too! Can't wait to chug that 4loco either.
heck yeah, Joe!  With all that awesome Four Loko there, I figured I'd share the best ode to this fine elixir:  It's awesome!

I grabbed a strong cherry ale bomber. It lived up to its name. Well done!

Anyone who got any of my beers, you are welcome to post comments here or email me. I want to know what you think.
same here, would love to hear how folks liked the CPA (chili pepper ale) and the others (my name was on the label)!
Ahhhh, that explains it.   I only had three bottles to keep track of, but still managed to mess up the labeling.  What a klutz...

That's too good an offer to refuse!


Sunday Football?  Before GB - Philly (which we can then view either at Casa Sodano or Ville)

Jeff, I had your Chocolate Coffee Stout last night together with some new brewers.  In a word: Awesome.  You should have seen the looks on their faces as we poured the beer and then they tested it.  For a couple of guys who are used to Guiness, this was an eye opened.  "Would you buy it again?"  "Hell, yeah, man!"






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