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Who's going and/or entered beers? What did you enter?

I have a Bourbon Stout and an Amer. Brown Ale entered. I was also going to enter a big Amber Ale, but upon filling my 2nd bottle, the keg kicked. Weak!

Good luck to everyone!

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There must have been a ton of Blonde Ales this year. haha. JK Sam.
Ha, yeah... I got shut out. I placed 2 of 3 at WOTW and went 0-6 here. I'm looking forward to seeing the score sheets. Not sure if I entered my cream ale as a blonde by accident (the bottles weren't labeled in my fridge, duh).

At last year's BUZZ, they broke out blonde ales in their own category and I took first. This year they combined the light hybrid category so there must have been less blondes.

Anyway, with all the great info out there, we all keep brewing better beer. It'll get harder and harder to pick up a ribbon. Again, congrats to all the winners. They've got to be some damn fine beers. Definitely something to be proud of!
My 2nd rounder Irish Red Ale did not place, yet my Robust Porter (scored a 30 in NHC) took 2nd this time. There are a lot of cynical and down views on AHA competitions -- especially in my old club PALEALES. We stopped doing AHA-style competitions from various frustrations with competition results and judges. Not all judges are the same, so you never know what you're going to get. I think they're helpful and fun.

I think the best thing to get out of entering competitions is the score sheets and feedback. I'm really curious to compare my NHC Irish Red sheets to these newer ones.

Sam's right -- If we keep sharing information and helping each other out, we'll all get our brewing processes locked tight.

Congrats to all! Bring your beers to the next meeting!
oof dah...

Just got my score sheets back. The beer I entered as a blonde ale... "not to style"; "significant flaws"; "contamination issue"; "probably infected". Score = 15

Some comments: "fruity - some bananna", "slight phenolic"; "golden with decent white head, slight haze", "sweet light malt with a little sour/acidic finish".

Ah ha! Turned out it wasn't a blonde or cream ale after all... That was an 8 month old hefeweizen!
Here are my scores...

15 : Blonde Ale (accidently entered a hefe... whoops!)
31 : Weizen/Weissbier (lacking yeast character)
26 : Witbier (spices over the top)
31 : Robust Porter (not "robust" enough)
29 : Spice/Herb/Veg (Chocolate Hazelnut Porter) (low choc, high hazelnut, not "robust" enough)
32 : Common Cider (one-dimensional, missing depth)

I think the judges did a good job. I pretty much agree with all of their comments.
Haha. That's funny. Do you label the bottles in your fridge? I don't think I have mixed up the bottle as of yet, but I am sure I will soon.
Nope, didn't label them. I didn't think I had to because, at the time, I only had the hef and a porter in there. That hef has now scored a 45 and a 15, nice!

Here's a challenge: Can anyone go lower than 15???
Hopefully, I get my scores soon. I have one potential candidate. I added some strawberry extract to my ordinary bitter. This was a last second decision when bottling. I tasted it the other day and almost puked. I think I put way too much extract and the flavors didn't mix. I should have added it to the Heffe and get a Strawberry banana like flavor.
That is funny. No, I didn't get a 15 but close enough. My hefe (in the right category) got a 21.5 between the judges. I think it's just the result of a hot fermentation. Oh well, I guess it's that time of year to focus on Belgians. I've got a Belgian IPA in the primary right now.
Nice job! It looks like Sam got some good feedback. That's funny about the Hefe!

I got:

39: Robust Porter (2nd place, "could use more malt complexity")
37.5: Irish Red Ale (did not place, "too much robust")
37.5: Hefeweizen (did not place, no helpful information)

I wrote two judges who left their email. One for having the WORSE handwriting just to let him us out here...we have to read that. And the Hefe judge who said "relatively flawless" but said nothing as to what could be better. It was his second judging. Both were very nice and very helpful and got back to me right away.
My Hefe got 33 points third place ( a nice white ribbon). My Imperial Stout got 29.5 points, 1 judge wrote not bad needs more complexity needs more fruit. Judge 2 having a hard time reading his writing.
hey... i'm confused...if my Hefe got 37.5 and yours got 33, how did I not get a ribbon as well? Bizarro! Congrats though!
































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