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This is the first time I've had an issue with this. I had a brew sitting in a glass carboy (secondary) for a few weeks and one morning I looked and there was the telltale white film on top of the beer.


I racked it into the keg and the brett clung to the carboy as the level went down so it didn't get sucked into the keg, but I added some campden tabs to the beer anyway before putting the CO2 to it. I bleached and scrubbed the carboy out afterwards but do you think I need to toss the racking cane or just run a mild bleach solution through it? I suspect that the room I have my fermenters in may have cooled during the night and some water may have gotten sucked through the airlock, but I don't want to risk using contaminated plastic parts and having this happen again in the future.




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Based only on the recommendations of my homebrew store, I have not reused the any of the equipment (other than the glass carboy, which underwent severe cleaning regimens) that was used in the production of my Brett beer.


I've also heard horror stories of how the damn little yeasties can literally float around the room if you have brett and non-brett beers fermenting in the same room, infecting the latter.


Not sure how much of this is hype and how much is real risk, but I chose then to err on the side of caution, and moved the brett fermenter to the 2nd floor.


Plastic pieces like racking canes and airlocks I would mark with "Brett" and only use again for more Brett.

Brett is a yeast. It's not really worse than brewers yeast. I have used the same equipment over and over and have never had an issue. Traditional Sanitizers work against it.

I do not use bleach as a sanitize due to the 15-30 minute contact time it needs and the odor that comes off it. Star San has a 30 second contact time and is colorless, odorless, and is food grade. 

Now if it was a bacteria infection like Lacto or Pedio, do not use any of the plastic. But with Brett, you are fine. 

I have made over a dozen Brett fermented beers and never had any issues. 

Good to know.  I can let the thief back into the crate with the others now   :)

Cool. Thanks guys. I'll just hit everything with the star san again before I put it away.






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