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Anyone have any feedback on the Blichmann Beer Gun?  I am going to purchase either the Blichmann Beer Gun or a counterpressure bottle filler.  I've heard the Blichmann is way easier to use but some say it does not minimize foam enough to make it worth while.  Anyone used both?

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I have a video on here about me using my CPBF. It's a pain in the ass, but the more you use it you get a hang of it. Never used the Beer Gun, but I question it on highly carbonated beers. Even the CPBF foams up on some of my brews. 


This is my video:

Haven't used either one, but I know some people in the club have had good results with them.


Me, I use a 20" long, 1/4" plastic tube inserted into the dispensing picnic tap of my kegs, with no (major) complaints so far (see disclaimer below). 


Unless I'm doing a lot of them, I chill the bottles in the freezer first, decompress the keg, and use minimal pressure to fill the bottles with very little foam.  The beer is already carbonated, so if I'm serving it later the same day, it works out well.  If I'm saving the bottles for later, I drop a few Munton's Carb Tabs into the bottle and quickly cap it.


Disclaimer: It's not a perfect method, by any stretch, as I've experienced some "flat-ish" bottles, but for the price ($1) it certainly does the job until I can convince the wife to let me buy a beer gun...  :)

I got a Blichmann Beer Gun, works well. Freeze the bottles, dump the pressure in the keg. Use 2-3 psi to fill bottles one at a time then cap. Highly carbonated beers you`ll lose a little beer pushing out the foam.
I've used my CPBF a couple times and agree with Jeff.  It can be a pain, but once you get it down, it works great.  It does take a long time to bottle two cases of beer, though.  I think it was over an hour for me.  Great video Jeff, I watched it before using my filler and it helped me out.






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