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First off I would like to thank everyones advice and .02 on my previous post about beer coloring and my Hoegaarden clone. I just bottled it last night and the coloring looks right on and is by far the the lightest color beer I have brewed yet (out of 5 batches).

My next question is about bottle conditioning and if there are any differences between conditioning for a wit as opposed to a Pale Ale, etc. All my previous batches I have let carbonate in the bottle at room temperature for about 10 days, tossed a few in the fridge overnight and everything seemed right on. I was just reading something about wit's being cold conditioned. Any thoughts on that or am I good doing the same 'ol same 'ol, grab a 12 pack at a time and pop in the fridge the night before and I'm good to go.

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Fresh is best for a wit. The flavor might improve over a week or two in the fridge as the bulk of the yeast drops out (don't worry, it will still be cloudy).

Drink it while it's young! You could hang on to a few (refrigerated) and pop one every week or two to see for yourself how the beer changes over time.
Nice! I just finished an Allegash White clone, myself.. Can't wait to taste it, I think the citrus came through just right when I tasted at bottling today.






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