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I brewed 10 gallons of the big brew Hefe. Since my fermentation fridge only holds 1 carboy, I have one carboy under temp control and one just sitting next to it in the basement.

As of this morning both were fermenting very nicely, but you can see the difference between the 2.

The one not in the fridge is fermenting between 70-72 degrees. My basement is only about 64 degrees, but the fermentation is intense and I guess it is raising the temperature. The Krausen has exploded and the blow off tube is in full effect. The blow off bucket has an intense about of bubbling going through it.

The carboy under temp control is also going very well. But the fermentation is quieter. The krausen is about an inch thick. It is fluffy white and still an inch or so away from the blow off tube. The bubbling in the blow off bucket is steady ticking, but not to violent.

It will be interesting to taste the difference between the two at the June Meeting.

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I only have half of my 10 gallon batch at my place, Don has the other one. I am just now showing signs of fermentation on my 65 degree basement but I did not pitch the yeast until I got home last night....maybe 6:00 or so.
I pitched my yeast when I got home. O.G. was 1.056 @ 66 degrees. When I got up 7am it was just bubbling away. The temperature rose to 74, room temp. is 70.
Mine has about 1 inch of Krausen and is at 70 degrees (66 degree room temp.) I'm still debating on setting up a blow off tube.
Did any of you do a starter first. I had 2 doing since thursday. I decanted one the night before and the other one I just pitched when the starter was at full krauzen.
No starter for me this time. The Krausen is now 3 inches and the temp has raised to 72 degrees
I did not do a starter either. My line of thinking was that since such a large part of the Hef's flavor profile came from the yeast I wanted to make it work a little harder. The least two hours the fermentation has really taken off.
i didnt use a started but i used the wyeast smack pack so i guess thats about as close as you can get without doing one... i pitched @68 deg and the yeast is very active right now... all is going well ( i hope )
I did it at home on Saturday, and yes I made a 1qt starter pitched at high krausen. And holy crap did it ever take off by morning. I had foam comming out of the jug that the blow-off tube is run to. It's starting to slow down now, so I hope to be able to put an airlock on it soon. Room temp is about 68-70 F where the carboy is, but the stick on thermometer is reading at 75F. Which is a bit warm I think...
The yeast does go a little nuts.
Boy does it ever go crazy....came home today to find it had blown through the airlock....guess I should have used a blowoff tube from the start!
No starter for me either... although I think I probably should have done one. Using WLP300 and fermenting at 62... Took about 18 hours for any signs of fermentation.
Anyone else getting tons of sulfur? I opened my fermentation fridge this morning and was assaulted with the smell of rotten eggs.

The last time I did a hef it was an extract batch and I got lots of fruity banana aromas, not sulfur. (Same yeast and temp.)
































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