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Make sure you all (AND YOUR FAMILIES) go to


and watch our video. Prizes will be given to the video that gets the most views and the video that captures the essence of big brew day the best. I did the best I could with only being there this year for about 30 minutes.. haha.. but I think I faked it pretty nicely.


So watch and watch and watch.. and try and refrain from watching too many other videos in comparrison because you'll be adding to their views!




Mike the ALEien

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Sweeeet! I was drooling over the setups there, and was disappointed I had to leave after a short time.



Thanks for whipping this up. It came out great.



Would love to Vince. You guys are rocking it. Good work.

No problem Jeff.. that's why I'm the club's videoguy! :)


would have been much better had I been there all day to truly capture it.

Don't worry. You got me at my drunkest! :) 



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