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Hey guys,

I'm new to the site and look forward to benefitting and contributing to the community as I improve.

I'm wanting to make the switch to kegging - bottling has got me in a bit of a grumpy fit and I've found that I really do entertain at my house more than taking bottles with me or giving it away. 

I watch this great beginner's guide and am thinking that I'd like to take those steps. Could yall point me in the right direction of where to find the most affordable equipment? I seem to hear guys talk often about stumbling upon a great deal of Cornelius Kegs from time to time and that I should look before I buy new ones. 

I thought I'd reach out to the community. If anyone is selling some or knows a good place to start, I'd appreciate it. I've checked Craigslist regularly with not much success.

I'm thinking a four keg setup is right for me, they'd have to be the tall thin ones. I have an upright box freezer with a johnson control that would fit them and a Co2 canister nicely.

Thanks all!


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I prefer to get mine from local homebrew shops b/c you can look at them and make sure they function properly prior to purchase.  I know Princeton Homebrew has a bunch and I'm sure Wine Barley & Hops does as well.  I found a deal for four for $100 online but when I received the kegs, two didn't hold pressure and all needed new gaskets.  In the end I think I paid more than I would have at a store and a whole lot of hassle.  But if you want to order online, I've  had luck with Midwest Supplies, but you have to pay for shipping. 

Only other bit of advice, go either all ball lock or all pinlock fittings.  I made the mistake of having some of both, seems as though I'm always short a fitting even though I've purchased twice what I need.  and invest in a manifold, well worth it.

I've seen good deals on corny's from time to time on various brewing websites, or sometimes local homebrew shops get a batch in and have great prices on them.  Otherwise, I've found my best deals off of club members.  I'm new to the Aleiens, however, in my old club, most of the time you could just ask around at a meeting and someone would be clearing out a few.


Hi Ryan,

At Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew we believe we have very good pricing on Used 5-Gal. Ball Lock Corny Kegs.  Our price is $30.95 each and each keg comes with a brand new set of o-rings.  These kegs have been run thru a keg washer and also have been pressure tested.

If you think this is a good deal, stop by and see us at:

Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew

248 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville PA  19053

(215) 322-4780

We also sell all of the fitting, etc. that you would need.



This will sound weird, but i found five at a wrecking yard for $5 each.  The guy who owned the yard didn't even know they were there or why they were there.  I need to replace some seals, but you just have to keep your eyes open. Look in weird places sometimes.  I've seen lots of crap at yard sales that I could not use then a few weeks later I needed it.  Good Luck.






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