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DiBruno Brothers Cheese & Beer Pairing

Saturday, April 12 at 1pm

at The Hulmeville Inn

For only $5 ($10 non member) you get 6 pieces of cheese and 5 (4oz) samples of beer.  Amy, a cheese monger from DiBruno Brothers, will be there to lead us through this cheese and beer pairing.  She will also be able to tell us what works with other styles of brews and home-brews.  Come on out to learn about pairings, eat some cheese, and drink some brews.  


Weyerbacher (PA)- White Sun Wit- white wheat

Great Divide (CO)- Colette saison

Naked Brewing (PA)- Altergeist- alt

Sly Fox (PA)- Phoenix Pale Ale

Kane Brewing (NJ)- Overhead Imperial IPA


WSW- Miranda brie

Colette- Agour Ossau Iraty sheep cheese

Alt- Ardrahan Irish soft cheese

Pale- Brabander goat gouda & Alpha Tolman alpine cow deliciousness

IPA- Lincolnshire Poacher cheddar/gruyere

The $5 helps pay for cheese since the beers were donated, our member dues cover the rest of this event!  

1. Ed Welsh-

2. Glenn Locke-

3. Natalie DeChico-

4. Zeke Diaz-

5. Terry Brophy-

6. John Gindele-

7. Todd Stalker

8. Dave Covey-

9. Sonia Covey-

10. Denise Schiller Guest-

11. Denise Schiller-

12. Kurt Schiller-

13. Jake Gardner-

14. Joe DeChico-

15. Joann DeChico-

16. Steve Barton

17. Dave Drass-

18. Karen Drass-

19. John Sc-

20. Christine Sc-

21. Meredith Rebar-

22. Meredith's Dad-

23. Blaise Fougere-

24. Carol Grossman-

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I'd like to be part of this

I would like to be there also.
Sign me and the Missus up please.
Add Kurt Schiller and Denise Schiller to the list ;)

Please sign me up.

I went to the last one. Trust me, the experience is worth way more than $5. This event should fill the instant it posts.

I would like to attend with a guest.  If there are limited spaces, just me then.  Let me know either way.  


Added!  You + guest!

Cheese please....sign me up

I'm in

Everyone that has posted here so far has been added! CHEESE!

Would everyone be okay if we moved this to 1pm?  Please let me know.  Thank you!






Iron Brewer Rd 1 Judging








TBD + Officer Elections



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