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lol.. Fucking Eagles get bumped to Tuesday and I have tickets. I can't believe I am gonna miss my favorite meeting of the year :(

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The Inn has tv...   :)
I would think that sicne they rescheduled the game, if you can't make it you should get a refund?  Unlike when they move the game time weeks in advance.  It might be worth looking into.
any chance they can hook up a tv in our meeting room?
we must have it tuned to the game.  We can't miss out on the Michael Vick experience.  The NFL had to wait till tuesday to ensure it had a national audience.  The least we can do is oblige them while it's on.

Could I suggest that we keep the sound off during the beer xchange and the other activities that have been planned?  Iit's possible that not all ALEiens are Eagles fans - I can think of one or two... 


Once we're done with the prepared program, we can crank it up but we won't miss a play of the game that way.

Oh yeah, I'd want the meeting to be the priority and wouldn't be offended if the game wasn't on at all.  However, it would be cool if it was.  I have no seniority in the club so whatever the consensus is I'd be fine with.  As for the non-eagles fans, lets just hope they get skunked bottles of crappy beer in the exchange.  Ok, maybe not a whole sixpack worth.  Just one. 


The Flyers are on, too.  It's a trifecta of awesome tonight. 





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