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ALEiens Club Only "OATMEAL STOUT" Competition - October 2009

As we announced at the July ALEiens monthly meeting, Wine Barley & Hops is sponsering an ALEiens CLUB ONLY Homebrew Cometition. Four different beer styles where offered up to those present at the meeting to vote on as to which style we will use in this competition. The majority ruled and "OATMEAL STOUT", (BJCP Style 13C) was the style chosen.

Info and rules were originally posted to this site on July 29th. Please disregard what was stated in that posting since we have made a few rule changes and also have more prize money added to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes. This prize money is being donated from the ALEiens T-Shirt Fund.

Wine Barley & Hops will be donating ( 3 ) prizes for the 1ST, 2ND & 3RD place winners:

FIRST PRIZE...................$100 Gift Certificate
SECOND PRIZE..............$75 Gift Certificate
THIRD PRIZE.................$50 Gift Certificate

In addition to this, the ALEiens T-Shirt Fund is donating the following:

FIRST PRIZE...................$100 CASH
SECOND PRIZE..............$65 CASH
THIRD PRIZE.................$35 CASH

Right off the bat you can see that this is one contest you want to enter and better yet, WIN! WOW, $200 to the First Prize Winner right off the bat. How can you not want to get brewing and enter this contest.

Wait, there's more:

Wine Barley & Hops with assistance of some of our Head ALEiens (Jeff & Steve) will also be contacting our suppliers and other beer related industries for prize donations that will also be added to the 1ST, 2ND & 3RD prize bundles. Jeff at the "Hulmeville Inn" has already promised ( 2 ) Gift Certificates and YARDS Brewery has promised a donation of a case of beer, and that's just a start. This promises to be one great contest to win and it's only open to ALEien Club Members!!!!!!!! Get that brew kettle fired up!

Here are the rules:

1. Only “Oatmeal Stout” style homebrewed beer accepted as entries for judging in this contest. Entries will be judged to BJCP Style “13C” guidelines.
2. You must be a member of the ALEiens Homebrew Club to enter this contest. You must be officially registered as a member on the ALEiens website to enter. Your membership will be validated when you come to pick up your entry form.
3. Official ENTRY FORMS must be used. These are only available at Wine Barley & Hops. Brewers entering the contest must pick up their entry form in-person at Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply in Feasterville, PA. Copies of these forms will not be accepted.
4. Only ( 1 ) entry per ALEien Club Member allowed.
5. Two ( 2 ) bottles are required per entry.
6. Bottles may be any color, up to 16 oz.
7. Grolsch – style (swing top) bottles will not be accepted.
8. All bottles must be unmarked and unlabeled – entry labels must be attached with rubber bands ONLY ! (the entry labels will come with the entry form)
9. Any identifying marks may render the entry ineligible.
10. Entries must be dropped off in-person by the brewer entering the contest.
Entry DROP-OFF LOCATION is: Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply, 248 Bustleton Pike, Feasterville, PA 19053 (215) 322-4780
11. Entries cannot be mailed or shipped to drop-off location. All entries mailed or shipped to drop-off location will be disqualified and not be returned.
12. Entries cannot be dropped off at monthly ALEiens Club meetings.
13. There is NO ENTRY FEE to enter this contest.
14. Judging of entries will take place during the weekend of October 23 thru October 25, 2009.
15. At the ALEiens October 27, 2009 monthly meeting, the 1ST, 2ND & 3RD Place Winners will be announced, prizes will be distributed and the judges score sheets will be returned to all who entered.
16. Recipes of the 1ST, 2ND & 3RD Place Winners will be posted on the ALEiens website.

Good Luck to all brewers!

Attached is a file listing the BJCP Guidelines for OATMEAL STOUT (style #13C)

We hope a lot of ALEiens enter the competition.


Paul Romanowsky
Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply
248 Bustleton Pike
Feasterville, PA 19053

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I have an update on some confirmed sponsors who are sending us some prizes. We are still working on a bunch more.

* Slyfox Brewing
* BeerSmith Brewing Software
* Dave Covey is sponsoring Ribbon for the winners.

We have some more in the works. I will keep everyone posted.

At our last meeting, Steve Mashington from YARDS, approached me and promised a case of YARDS beer towards the prize bundle. We can pick any type of beer (that they make) and someone will need to go there and pick it up.

Jeff from the Hulmeville also told me he would donated (2) Gift Certificates to the Hulmeville Inn.

I've secured some prizes also:

Blichmann Engineering is donating a "Blichmann Beer Gun"...... wow! that's a great prize!
Crosby & Baker is donating (3) Gift Certificates... $10, $15 and $25 which can be used at any homebrew shop.

As more come in, I'll let the club know.
Just got one more prize donation. This one comes from.................

North Country Malt Supply. They are donating ( 5 ) 1 Lb bags of various malts and a company logo T-Shirt.

Thanks North Country Malt Supply
We just received word of some additional prizes being donated.

They are:

Brew Your Own Magazine - A free one year subscription to "Brew Your Own" (BYO)

Foxx Equipment - A counter pressure bottle filler.

Thanks BYO and Foxx
Another prize donation has just come in. This one is from LD Carlson Co. They have donated (2) "Brewer's Best" beer ingredient kits. These are extract w/ specialty grains kits and come with all the ingredients (except water) that you need to make 5 gallons of beer.

Thanks LD Carlson.
White Labs has just made a donation to our competition.

White Labs has donated:
( 3 ) coupons for 50% off a vial of their liquid yeast
( 2 ) T-shirts - size Large
( 1 ) T-shirt - size XL

Thanks White Labs !!
I didn't notice it specifically above.. what is the deadline date for submittal of entries??
Hi Matt,

Entries must be dropped of at Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply by October 20, 2009.


Paul Romanowsky
Thanks for the info Paul!

I've brewed more than one so I can enter my best. Wanted to know when to bottle them.


Hello ALEiens,

Just wanted everyone to know that we received a grand total of 27 entries to the Oatmeal Stout Contest.

The window for submitting your entries into this contest has closed.

The judging will take place this Sunday evening and the winners will be announced at the Tuesday, October 27th ALEiens meeting at the Hulmevill Inn. Prizes will also be given out to the winners at this meeting.

We wish good luck to those who have entered and may the best Oatmeal Stout win!!


Paul Romanowsky
Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply
































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