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May 2nd is National Big Day and also the ALEiens Homebrew Club’s Anniversary. We will be celebrating by having our own big brew day. It will be held in the back yard of the Hulmeville Inn on Saturday May 2nd.

Space is limited for brewers, so I need to get a head count ASAP. Since the brew space is limited, I suggest we have teams. I think we have about 10 spots available. Each team needs to have all the equipment to brew remotely outside. (ex. Burners, pots, hoses.) We would like to have everyone mash in around 10am.

We will need to discuss the food situation. We have a choice to get this event catered or we can do a pot luck style lunch. Everyone participating should bring some of their homebrews to share with all the attendees.

Since we are going with teams for brewing, I would like to make it more interesting. Let’s make this brew a competition. Since this event is in the beginning of May, all the beers should be ready for our June 30th meeting. At that meeting, we will have a Club Competition for the beers made during the big brew day. To make it fair, we will have to limit the styles we can brew.

While talking to Sam, he suggested we all brew the same recipe for the competition. It would be interesting to compare the differences in taste between all the different brewers. It would also make it easier for the judges to compare and judge.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post them to this thread. Subscribe to this forum post to keep an eye on any changes in information. I will be updating this periodically.

Respond back on the forum if you are interested in participating.

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Hey Dan, missed you at the meeting last night. We talked a little bit about big brew. We haven't decided on style(s) so no recipe(s) yet. I think we might open it up to more than one style just in case someone has a strong aversion to German hefs but still wants to enter the competition. (Yes, there are some that don't like this style. Do you believe it?!)

Couple of other notes from the meeting:
  • If you come down and brew at the Hulmeville, you don't have to brew this recipe. (It's only if you want to enter the comp.)
  • If you can't make it to the big brew, you can still brew the recipe at home and enter it in the comp.
(Did I get that right or miss anything? If so, someone chime in.)

For the competition, we'd probably like to keep the recipes brewed exactly the same... not sure if this would include the yeast strains. (Anyone else have thoughts on this?) Mash and ferment temps are obviously up to the brewer(s). I think what we're trying to do is keep the variables in check so that brewers can get feedback on their process (not recipe). When comparing beers, differences would (should) be caused by only a few things (OG, FG, mash temp, ferment temp, pitching rate, sanitation issues, carbonation levels - probably some other things that I can't think of right now). I think this is a good opportunity to learn about our process and help us make better beer.

Let's get some more feedback from people. Oh, and there's still room for more brewers... right Jeff?
My Dad and I are in.... I'll chime in for my cousin Dan O too, he can brew with us (hope thats ok Dan!). I'm up for brewing anything, Heffe or Saison both sound good!
I'm down with a good hefe. I guess I'll need to buy a burner or two for the outdoor brewing. I think hefes could be done in as little as a week and a half. One week fermentation and a couple days if force carbonation in the keg. That's how old mine was for WOTW.
You don't need a burner, you can team up with someone who does. hint hint. :)
Christian's hefe took 2nd place... ahead of mine. :)
I am definitely in and anyone who wants to be in but lacks the outdoor setup is more then welcome to assist. I agree that is interesting as a Saison can be they may be time prohibitive. I would think a heffe would be a good idea some type of wit.
I'll sign up for team Martin
Maybe we should get matching warm up suits and hats! :) LOL!
damn, makes me even more mad I cant be there! We could of had uniforms!
Hey Martin!

Would love to join "Team Martin" - let me know what the proper attire ends up being and I'll dig around my closet... :)

Glad to see that The ALEiens will be getting together for a BIG BREW on Big Brew Day. This will be the first big function the club will put on. Since Saturdays are my busiest days of the week here at the shop, I'm afraid I won't be able to participate in The Big Brew but hope to find time to stop over for a visit and see how the brew is going. I have a big 15 gallon brew kettle (made from a 1/2 keg) and a propane burner that I am willing to lend to anyone that needs these items to brew. The brewer would have to supply his own propane tank though. Just contact me to set this up.

I may not be able to make the meeting tonight. I won't know until later in the day. If I'm not there, I would just like all the ALEiens Club participants in The Big Brew to know that Wine Barley & Hops Homebrew will give a 15% discount on the Beer Recipe ingredients for this brew. To qualify, you must be participating in the Big Brew with the ALEiens Club at the Hulmeville Inn on Saturday May 2nd and you will need to purchase all of your ingredients for the recipe which include any extracts, grains, hops, yeast, etc. When coming in for your supplies be sure to mention that you are a ALEien and you are purchasing your BIG BREW DAY Recipe!

Let me know what recipe the club decides on so I can stock up on the needed supplies, especially the yeast.

ON A SAD NOTE: For those of you that have been customers of the shop for more than a year, you might remember Joe Rotondo who worked for me. Joe was the guy with the bright red hair. He worked at WBH for more than 2 years and his last day here was the last Sunday of April 2008. At first Joe worked here on Fridays and on Sundays and then only on Sundays. Joe passed away this past Friday morning at a young age of 28 years. About 1 year ago Joe was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor that slowly took it's toll. Joe was one of the greatest persons I have had the pleasure to know in my lifetime. If you knew Joe from dealing with him here in the shop, I'm sure you would agree. Joe's funeral was this morning. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers and give a toast to Joe on Big Brew day.
I'm in, of course!

I'd love to join a team for brewing, especially if there's someone doing all-grain (need to learn a thing or two...)







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