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May 2nd is National Big Day and also the ALEiens Homebrew Club’s Anniversary. We will be celebrating by having our own big brew day. It will be held in the back yard of the Hulmeville Inn on Saturday May 2nd.

Space is limited for brewers, so I need to get a head count ASAP. Since the brew space is limited, I suggest we have teams. I think we have about 10 spots available. Each team needs to have all the equipment to brew remotely outside. (ex. Burners, pots, hoses.) We would like to have everyone mash in around 10am.

We will need to discuss the food situation. We have a choice to get this event catered or we can do a pot luck style lunch. Everyone participating should bring some of their homebrews to share with all the attendees.

Since we are going with teams for brewing, I would like to make it more interesting. Let’s make this brew a competition. Since this event is in the beginning of May, all the beers should be ready for our June 30th meeting. At that meeting, we will have a Club Competition for the beers made during the big brew day. To make it fair, we will have to limit the styles we can brew.

While talking to Sam, he suggested we all brew the same recipe for the competition. It would be interesting to compare the differences in taste between all the different brewers. It would also make it easier for the judges to compare and judge.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post them to this thread. Subscribe to this forum post to keep an eye on any changes in information. I will be updating this periodically.

Respond back on the forum if you are interested in participating.

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Looking forward to this! Count me in and save me a spot. Thanks!
I was thinking for the recipe, we will just pick one out of Jamil's book. Everyone would brew the same recipe and we can all taste the differences.
I like this idea... recipes include extract and all-grain versions. Now, what to pick? We need something that doesn't need a long time to mature... Something nice as the weather warms up....

American Pale, English Pale, Scottish 60, English Mild, American Wheat, German Hefeweizen, Blonde, Kölsch???

Other suggestions/preferences?
Well one of the official AHA Big Brew Beers is a Saison Du Mont - They give both All Grain and Extract recipes.
I'd love to do a Saison (never done one). However, I've noticed that some like to condition this for a few months. Assuming 2 weeks to ferment and 2 for bottle conditioning, we'd only have about a month of cold conditioning before the comp. Is that enough?

I'll have to break out my old Zymurgy mag... Drew Beechum had a nice article in the May/June 2008 Issue.

Anyone experienced with Saisons, please chime it!
I know Saison yeast is finicky.
Funny you said Saison, I`m drinking one now. It`s about 8 months old. They need a little aging. Count me in for the big brew. My new system should be ready (10 gallons).
i would vote for the german heffe since thats one of my fav summer beers... and i would be more than happy to volunteer to be your lacky there Sam or if anyone else needs help i would love to participate and help in anyway...

Dan W
Sounds good to me. We'll do a triple decoction and you can stir! :P

German Hefs are one of my favs too... I've always used extract for them so it would be fun to try an all-grain batch. They're pretty much at their peak in 4 to 5 weeks so that would work too. The styles I threw out in my earlier post were ones that I thought would finish pretty quickly and be nice to drink in the summer. I'm sure there are styles I left out that would fit the bill. We could discuss more at tomorrow's meeting.

Oh, and I'm kidding about the decoction Dan... We'll use my new direct-fired RIMS system! No stirring.
Of course dan would pick the award winning heffe brewer. :)~
of course i would his heffe is better than mine so if you cant beat him join him... then get him hammered and steal his recipe :-)
cool deal Sam :-) if we all do the same recipe would we want to alter the yeasts and or fermentation temps to compare the differences... just a thought to make it a little more interesting






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