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May 2nd is National Big Day and also the ALEiens Homebrew Club’s Anniversary. We will be celebrating by having our own big brew day. It will be held in the back yard of the Hulmeville Inn on Saturday May 2nd.

Space is limited for brewers, so I need to get a head count ASAP. Since the brew space is limited, I suggest we have teams. I think we have about 10 spots available. Each team needs to have all the equipment to brew remotely outside. (ex. Burners, pots, hoses.) We would like to have everyone mash in around 10am.

We will need to discuss the food situation. We have a choice to get this event catered or we can do a pot luck style lunch. Everyone participating should bring some of their homebrews to share with all the attendees.

Since we are going with teams for brewing, I would like to make it more interesting. Let’s make this brew a competition. Since this event is in the beginning of May, all the beers should be ready for our June 30th meeting. At that meeting, we will have a Club Competition for the beers made during the big brew day. To make it fair, we will have to limit the styles we can brew.

While talking to Sam, he suggested we all brew the same recipe for the competition. It would be interesting to compare the differences in taste between all the different brewers. It would also make it easier for the judges to compare and judge.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post them to this thread. Subscribe to this forum post to keep an eye on any changes in information. I will be updating this periodically.

Respond back on the forum if you are interested in participating.

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Just to confirm I am in, I am cool with a Heffe...and anyone who would like to participate but lacks a burner can borrow one of mine.
I`m in, But i`m not doing a Heff. I just brew one 3 week ago. I think I`ll do a Wit.
My dad, Mike (if you're still interested) and myself are in. We'll brew anything! A Heffe's cool!
i'm not going to be able to brew with you guys on location that day, but i will join you guys for the "at home" version. hefe sounds great to me!!!
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend myself. However, if I can get the recipie a week in advance, I will brew it remotely on that day. A heffe sounds good to me too.
So by the voting, we will be brewing a Hefe. I will post a recipe on the forum in the next couple days. You don't need to brew the Hefe, but we will be judging our Big Brew Hefe's for the Club Only competition in June. I would love for everyone to brew the same recipe so we can judge on brewing techniques and taste the difference between the different brewers while having a constant recipe.

I will be choosing Jamil's Hefe recipe since he offers an award winning recipe for both All-Grain brewers and Extract brewers. So the recipe is proven.

I will be giving a copy of the recipe to Paul at Wine Barley and Hops so he knows what to get ready. I would recommend emailing or calling him to confirm your order. This way we can make sure all grain/malt, yeast, and hops are all ordered and pulled aside.
So if I count this right, there are only 5 teams brewing?

So far I have:
- Jeff Louella
- Sam Scott
- Bill Schools
- Joe and Natalie DeChico
- Martin Carr

If you are setting up to brew (and not part of a team above), please let me know. Also If you know someone who is going to brew, but might not be on the web site, please let me know.
































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