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2011 IRON Brewer champion!

His American Style Black India Ale

scored 168 points and took the honors

by only 1 point.

Thanks judges for your time and donations!

Thanks to everyone who participated

and who lent a hand during the year long competition.




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Ed and I just brewed our Iron Irish Red. Matt, Gianpiero, Mike, & Johnny. It's ON! :) Felt good. Was my first beer since the twins were born 7 months ago. Felt good.

Brewed my Irish Red on Saturday afternoon today the fermentation stopped. I thought something was wrong so I took a reading. I am at final gravity literally 48 hours after I pitched the yeast. I know I grow up healthy yeast, but now I wonder if I grew it up too well. :) I guess we will see. 

Hey Jeff - you were supposed to use the Irish Ale yeast - not the buggy stuff on steroids!
I guess I got the Fighting Irish Strain.
Well played ;)
Please, no ND references here!  :)

Iron Brewer 2011 Update

We had some last minute shifting of how we were going to Judge happen this month. I apologize for any inconvenience that this caused any of the brewers. This was my fault. I promise next round will be a hell of a lot smoother.

I wanted to thank John Yeomans for stepping up and helping organize the last minute details. It helped a ton.

For everyone who wasn’t there last night, here were the results.

Moving on were:

  • Tom & Frank
  • Blaise & Tom
  • Matt Myers
  • John Yeomans

The next round are two styles. Irish Dry Stout (Tom, Frank vs Blaise, Tom) and Brown Porter (Matt M vs John Y). The yeasts you can use are:  

  • White Labs / Wyeast Irish Ale (or Dry Equivalent)
  • White Labs California V Ale / Wyeast American Ale II  (or Dry Equivalent)

Congrats everyone.



I will look into the email issues. I know you need to be "Friends" on the site to be able to send emails back and forth. I will look into the other issues. 



I can't believe it's almost the end of Sept..  I'm looking forward to this meeting and this round of the competition!!





Iron Brewer Round 1








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