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2011 IRON Brewer champion!

His American Style Black India Ale

scored 168 points and took the honors

by only 1 point.

Thanks judges for your time and donations!

Thanks to everyone who participated

and who lent a hand during the year long competition.




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I'm in favor of a larger entry fee, say $20. Also it would be nice to have something for the runner up, something worth double the entry fee for instance.


$20 sounds good to me too.


I'm ok with the increased entry fee.  Can we also add that the winner must agree to provide a winning bottle to the rest of the participants?  I would love to try the winning beer.
I don't mind an increased one.  $20 seems reasonable, and will allow for 2nd place to receive a little reward for the effort.
Sorry, replied to jeff directly, fine with $20 entry
Sorry about the late reply. I`m in, $20 ok with me.
You can put my name on the list
Looks like we have 2 more spots to fill, then we need to start teaming up.


Ron and I are in if there is a spot open still.

Sorry for late reply. I'm in for $20 per team too.



If you still want to participate, try to team up with some other brewers. We have a lot of single brewer teams. Remember what your mamma used to say, there is no I in team.
I'm open to teaming up with someone, of there's anyone else who want to join the fun but didn't sign up in time!





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