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We are looking for some ideas of what everyone would like to see in 2010 with the ALEiens. 2009 was a great year for the club and we want to bring it even stronger next year. Let's use this forum discussion to shoot around ideas to make 2010 the best year yet.

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Meads! Ah the nectar of the gods. The drink that gave honey to "honeymoon". Visions of vikings drinking with drinking horns. Perhaps we can do something if there are any interested people. It's easier to do than brewing. I promise. It just takes a lot more patience. No cooking involved. A little history, an intro to the kinds of mead, etc.
Looks like you just volunteered! I have a Blueberry Melomel in secondary for about 4 months now. It will be bottled soon and aged in the bottles. Let me know if you are interested in this. We can do it early in 2010.
Not too early in 2010. Perhaps the March to May time frame. I am just about to start a dry red pyment and perhaps some other concoctions.
Cool. You're on the list!
A Mead sonds good I`ll get in on that.
Me too, as a descendant of some of the original manufacturers, I need to keep up the national tradition!
I like the beer and cigar pairings.
Hey good people. I just joined the site and am looking for a homebrew crew to become active in. I've been brewing for a little under a year at this point. I've got about 6 or 7 brews under my belt so far and a goal of at least a new beer every month this year.

I love some of the ideas you are kicking around, particularly the brew classes, brewery trips, and Paul's offer to help us on a bulk order. I also love to cook and often do pairing at home. I'd be willing to offer up some easy beer-centric recipes or pairing ideas. I'm also always eager to swap brew recipes.

At any rate, I look forward to meeting some of you at the next meeting. Just look for the dude in the head-dress.
I'd be game for a bus trip for Philly Beer Week. Shame it wasn't before Philly Beer Week or it could have made it onto the DVD!
have a saturday meeting at someones house and we all bring our equipment and brew up some beers. while brewing pass ideas suggestions and well of course pass along beers and make it a day. or of course brew one batch and all of us hang around share some spirits and brew a beer voted on at a meeting which will be drank at the meeting in when the beer is ready to be devoured. the two brewers brewing answer questions, give tips, show how to properly sanitize equipment, make a starter, mash process, boiling and hop additions, gravity reading etc. personaly id say a beer of advanced difficulty such as a russian imperial stout, ipa or strong ale. some people still arent familier with co2 so im sure seeing it first hand could be a great experience. specially with proper aeration of the wort. just a suggestion.
So here are a some ideas I stumbled upon in 'Radical Brewing' by Randy Mosher, pages 278-9:

Featured Beer Style of the Month, Inviting Local Brewers to speak (already done a few times), Beer/Food Pairings, Mashing Demos (for extract people), Local Beer Historian, Judging Practice, Yeast Culturing/Starters, Beer Authors (LEW BRYSON comes to mind), Brewing Competition (in the works as we speak....ALEiens Iron Brewer Comp.), Hop Variety Demo (believe we already did something like that), Brewing Sugars, Smoked Malts.....and maybe a Local Water Workshop (talk about how to treat your own water based on its mineral content and how to adjust it for the style that you are going to brew)

I'm sure there are some good ideas on other homebrew club sites as well.
































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